• How will Apple respond to the DMCA revision? They won't.

    Today’s adjustment of the DMCA has far-reaching legal implications, which will only be evident after a few weeks, months, or even years as various parties exploit them however they can. I’m going to let the experts play in that sandbox. But one of the new rules seems to have had a specific target in mind: Apple. To wit: “(2) Computer programs that enable wireless… Read More

  • YouTube takes down video taken of Transformers 3 set on public street

    So imagine you head into your office one day, and find that an alley outside your window has been turned into a set for Transformers 3 — there are cameras and booms and you can hear Michael Bay yelling. They’re about to pneumatically fire a car down the street (it’s been Transformer-punched, you presume) so you whip out your iPhone and start recording. Up it goes on… Read More

  • Did you know? Sony can pull a Reverse Amazon and push updates to your PS3

    This is interesting. While checking up on the implications of Sony’s removal of the “Install Other OS” option, Thinq ran into a particularly troubling clause in the EULA. Some services may be provided automatically without notice when you are online, and others may be available to you through SCE’s online network or authorized channels. Without limitation, services… Read More

  • Bill in UK may disallow public wi-fi

    Good luck sorting this one out, short-sighted lawmakers. An upcoming piece of major legislation in the UK, called the Digital Economy Bill, would essentially force all public wi-fi points offline by requiring impossibly high levels of copyright protection by libraries and small businesses. The bill, which bears some similarity to the controversial DMCA here in the US, is ostensibly aimed… Read More

  • Apple's e-books to be fettered by our old friend, FairPlay DRM

    Looks like Apple didn’t learn its lesson with the whole iTunes DRM thing. I suppose that they might consider some things worth DRM-ing and some not, but I think it’s more along the lines of they’ll do it whenever they think they can get away with it. And they seem to think that’s the case with their new e-book store, which will sell books laced with delicious FairPlay DRM. Read More

  • Google's sudden music blog purge and its implications

    Yesterday, in response to allegations of DMCA violations, several popular music blogs were wiped off the face of the net. They were hosted by Google via Blogger, and it was only after they were completely erased that the owners received emails to the effect of “We got one too many complaints – you’re deleted. Love, Google.” It’s trending around the net as… Read More

  • Reaping what they sow: Canadian record industry faces potential $6 billion fine for copyright infringement

    Oh dear, oh dear. How utterly delightful! It seems that the major members of the Canadian Recording Industry Association have been a bit hypocritical over the last… oh, 20 years. It seems they’ve included a truly enormous amount of tracks on compilation CDs without paying the artists a dime, instead putting them on a “pending list.” This list is somewhere around… Read More

  • Secret copyright treaty is the most annoying thing you'll read all year

    A great African American civil rights activist one said, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” That’s how I feel about copyright these days. You’ve got these entrenched business interests who seemingly have their favorite congressmen on speed-dial, and then you have people who, God forbid, would like to see these businesses embrace new, practical… Read More

  • Changing projector's aspect ratio may violate copyright, according to manual

    You know how sometimes you turn on the TV, and it’s still on 16:9 mode, but you’re just watching the news? And the people are all kinda squashed, but you don’t feel like picking the remote up and hitting the picture mode button? Yes? So, sir, you are confessing that you willfully modified the original copyrighted image, without the consent of the creator. It’s a good… Read More

  • Paramount proprietor polemicizes poorly on piracy at public policy presentation

    In what was ostensibly a meeting of the majors last week to advise the FCC on broadband policy, the COO of Paramount was allowed to wax ignorant for 10 minutes on piracy and file-sharing technology. As a major content provider, they should certainly have some input, but this was sheer soap-boxery. Sure, peer to peer and torrent traffic (legal and otherwise) is going to be a major driver of… Read More

  • We talked to the Pirate Party of the United States: Here's what it's all about

    Let’s make one thing absolutely clear about the Pirate Party of the United States (PPUS): it has no interest in defending your ability to illegally download The Blueprint 3 from It just doesn’t. If you had the idea in your head that the PPUS would somehow work to legalize your bad habits, well, tough break, kid: it’s a legitimate political party whose goal is not… Read More

  • Judge: RealDVD is totally illegal as per the DMCA

    Yesterday, August 11, wasn’t just Joe Rogan’s birthday. Nope, it was also the date when a judge in San Francisco ruled that RealDVD was illegal, and reiterated that it was illegal to manufacture or traffic software that makes it possible to copy DVDs. So, every time you fire up DVD Copier on your PC, make a copy of a DVD that you bought, well, you’re breaking the law. The… Read More

  • In a move I'm calling "too little, too late, too proprietary," major labels are introducing their own file format

    For years you’ve been using the well-supported, ubiquitous file format called MP3. It’s an international standard, it works just fine in every media player, and other universally-accepted formats are in place for the album artwork, lyrics, and what have you. Sounds like you’re ready for a new, unified format that no one has ever heard of and, if introduced five or six years… Read More

  • Steam and Games for Windows Live add more piracy protection

    In moves which may or may not lead to an outcry from the gamer population at large, both Valve and Microsoft have strengthened their DRM on their PC gaming platforms. Whether these changes will simply curb piracy, as intended, or whether they will prove a nuisance as other DRM schemes have done historically is yet to be seen. Read More

  • Academy Awards nominated films distributed by kopimi stations

    If you somehow managed to avoid all the hype, you might not know that the Academy Awards were handed out this weekend. There were preview shows, review shows, and Oscar-related goings-on all over television all weekend long. The Free Art and Technology Lab threw their own little Academy Award party this weekend by making all the nominated films available to anyone with a USB drive. Read More

  • YouTube presses the mute button on some uploads

    YouTube is chock full of amateur videos. It’s easy to make a video and upload it to YouTube. Making a quality soundtrack for your video is considerably more difficult, though, which is why many folks punt and just use a song from their favorite artist. Don’t be surprised, though, if your recent uploads are silent. Read More

  • Spanish copyright agency crashes wedding in search of copyright violations

    Flickr’d Imagine you’re at your wedding doing the ol’ “smash cake into your wife or husband’s face” move. It’s a great day, all things considered. The sky is the bluest it’s ever been and birds are fluttering around in a non-threatening manner. (That’s what weddings are like, right? I’ve never been to one.) A man dressed like Spy vs. Read More

  • How to successfully guilt-trip software pirates

    Oh my. I like the “Shame on me” button. I think I’m going to go register my trial copy of WinRAR , which I’ve been “evaluating” for 8 years. A commenter points out that in the full screencap you can see that the guy has an 8-core Mac Pro with 10 gigs of RAM. I think he can afford a $20 program! [via Reddit] Read More

  • Blu-ray DRM: Slysoft and studios do battle

    You may or may not be aware, but there has been and still is a war being waged over Blu-ray DRM. Slysoft announced that they cracked the BD+ algorithm back in March this year and has been including Blu-ray backup with AnyDVD HD since March. That was just eight months after Richard Doherty from Envisioneering Group predicted that BD+ would stand for 10 years.  But! Just because BD+ plus has… Read More

  • Apple sends baseless takedown notice to hackers discussing iTunesDB code

    It’s no secret that Apple wants everyone to use iTunes, especially to sync with their iPod. I personally can’t stand iTunes and prefer Winamp, and many others share my view but have enjoyed Apple hardware. Some more code-savvy people than myself have in years past determined how to read and write to the proprietary iTunesDB file, allowing non-Apple software to sync with… Read More

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