• Contour+2 Action Camera Packs HD Video, Live Streaming Into $400 Package

    Contour+2 Action Camera Packs HD Video, Live Streaming Into $400 Package

    A year later and one hundred dollars cheaper than its predecessor, Seattle-based Contour announced its Contour+2 action camera this week and will be available later this month. The latest improves upon the previous generation with a sprinkling of features from other models in the lineup, new accessories and a different way of sharing content. Oh, and you can now use your smartphone… Read More

  • Contour Launches Contour+ Sportcam With Wider Lens, More Ports

    You might remember the ContourHD rugged wearable camera we reviewed a while back — they updated later with GPS functionality and now (as we heard earlier) have a new camera live on their site that adds a wider angle lens and a few useful ports for recording and streaming your media. Read More

  • Viewfinder App For Contour Lets iPhone View Video Live

    We tested the ContourHD a few months back and liked it for the most part. The only problem was that we couldn’t see what we were recording, often leading to accidental filming of the sky and over-exposed video. That issue is no more — well for the ContourHD it is, but not the newer ContourGPS — because the ContourGPS has Bluetooth to connect to an iPhone. Not only can the… Read More

  • SanDisk Contour: Form Meets Function?

    Not quite. While the SanDisk Contour is without a doubt the sexiest looking flash drive that I’ve ever seen, the device is suffering from one major disparaging oversight. Read More