• Conduit Toolbar Product Enhancement

    Conduit (Disclosure: They are a current TechCrunch sponsor), which has created a white label browser toolbar, released a new product tonight called myConduit. I’m writing about it because it’s a good solution to the problem of toolbar overload. Instead of having each toolbar you’ve downloaded appear in the browser window, which takes up a lot of screen realestate, Conduit now… Read More

  • Hear About Conduit Yet?

    Hear About Conduit Yet?

    Israel and California based Conduit is announcing a deal today with Google to provide search for their customizable toolbar product. The news itself isn’t all that interesting, although it will help Conduit with revenue. But the Conduit service itself is really taking off. Conduit is a white-label, customizable toolbar for other web services. Like the Google and Yahoo, Conduit’s… Read More