• ZOMG: Condoms for bikes

    Looks like germophobes everywhere will appreciate this one. They’re condoms made for bicycle handlebars. Or maybe you could just wash your hands every once in a while, or at least stop licking handlebars all the time. Read More

  • Do you use the condom?

    > May or may not be SFW, so proceed with caution. Pronto Condoms via BBG Read More

  • Gadgets that changed the world

    I must applaud the individual who compiled the list of 101 gadgets that changed the world. It’s even in alphabetical order! You might scoff at some of the ‘gadget’s as they may not fit the mold in which we think about gadgets today, but they were gadgets way back when, so keep that in mind as you trickle through. It’s a great list that includes the condom, Gameboy and bra. Read More