• Compete API Open For Business

    Compete API Open For Business

    Web analytics startup opened its API for public use today. Websites and applications can now access Compete’s data and incorporate it into their own products. This is timely for the company, which competes directly with Amazon’s Alexa. Recenty, Statsaholic has been in a very public dispute with Alexa over use of its data, with both sides looking bad. That dispute recently… Read More

  • Compete Knows How Much Time You Waste on YouTube

    Compete Knows How Much Time You Waste on YouTube

    All web analytics track your activity somewhere along pipeline connecting your computer to a website’s server. Comscore tracks traffic trends on computers of 2 million users. Hitwise catches traffic at the ISP level and matches it up with demographic data they collected. Compete, Quantcast, and Alexa differ from these other web metrics companies by tracking traffic on the computers of users… Read More