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  • You Can Now Turn Your Own Computer Into A Pogoplug

    You Can Now Turn Your Own Computer Into A Pogoplug

    Pogoplug is today releasing new software that basically turns any PC or Mac into a Pogoplug device, no additional hardware required. The software could be useful to stream pictures, music or movies to another computer or a mobile device (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.), and since multiple devices can be linked to a single account, you can access files from any of them individually or see all… Read More

  • Meet the PogoPlug Pro

    Meet the PogoPlug Pro

    Since it’s launch, the PogoPlug has been an interesting little NAS device. The PogoPlug software has been continually updated with new features. There’s a vibrant developer community. And, most interestingly to me, the PogoPlug does not try to hide the fact that it runs Linux; indeed, they even tell you how to SSH into the thing! The recently released business-oriented PogoPlug… Read More