• Kids Clothing Service thredUP Adds Netflix Execs As It Prepares To Scale

    Kids Clothing Service thredUP Adds Netflix Execs As It Prepares To Scale

    Online kids’ clothing consignment shop thredUP says its recent transition from online swap meet to clothing resale service has been working. When the company was originally founded back in 2009, the goal was to offer a platform where parents could trade boxes of used kids’ clothes directly with each other. But despite some steady but slow growth, thredUP made the shift into… Read More

  • Clothes Horse Wants To Solve The Biggest Problem With Online Shopping: Finding Clothes That Fit

    Clothes Horse Wants To Solve The Biggest Problem With Online Shopping: Finding Clothes That Fit

    Clothes Horse, a fashion technology company based out of New York, is publicly launching its platform today in an attempt to address one of the biggest challenges facing online shoppers: buying clothes that fit. Through the use of a customizable widget that merchants add to their own websites, Clothes Horse can determine within just 30 seconds how the retailers’ items will fit any… Read More

  • Zappos Founder’s Customer Rewards App RNKD Now On Android

    Zappos Founder’s Customer Rewards App RNKD Now On Android

    RNKD, the customer rewards app and brainchild of Zappo’s founder Nick Swinmurn, is today arriving on Android. With the new mobile application, users can snap photos of the clothes and accessories they own, upload them to the RNKD website and receive rewards directly from brands. The idea with RNKD is that customers should get rewards for the things they actually bought, not just the… Read More

  • BleuFlamme Lets You Make Your Own Custom Shirt In 3D

    If there’s one thing the world needs it’s a service that lets you build a shirt using 3D rendering technology. Sure we could use cars that run on water and world peace, but let’s get the little things out of the way, right? Thankfully, there’s BleuFlamme, a website created by a gaggle of eight engineers who have dedicated their lives to the sale of custom shirts. Read More

  • ScottEVest Introduces The Puffer Jacket

    ScottEVest makes clothes for use geeks. They have lots of pocketses, plenty of acceptable style, and you can amaze people by stuffing a water bottle and laptop out of one of their coats with room to spare. Read More

  • Clothing Brand Bonobos Snags Netflix Director Of Engineering

    Clothing Brand Bonobos Snags Netflix Director Of Engineering

    Bonobos, a web-only premium clothing brand for men, just announced the hiring of Michael Hart, Netflix’s former Director of Engineering for social systems. Hart says he wanted to “lead an earlier stage company” and was excited to apply what he learned at Netflix in terms of personalization and social networking. Hart received a BS in Business Administration from Bowling… Read More

  • Review: ScottEVest XAE Leather Jacket

    So you’re a handsome devil. We all know it. But what do you need to frame your steel-cut jaw and straight-edge browline? A leather jacket, that’s what. It’s hard to pull off the leather jacket look. Leather jackets have long been the realm of rock stars, fans of WII bombers, and people who ride mopeds. That’s why I was initially wary of the ScottEVest XAE Leather Jacket… Read More

  • Video: Captain Planet Would Be Proud Of The T-Shirt That Detects Pollution

    Very clever, this. It’s a t-shirt that “detects” pollution by way of changing color when it comes into contact with high carbon monoxide levels. It was designed by two NYU graduate students, who are now famous forever. Read More

  • Mad Pimpin' Personified – The LED Fur Coat

    Let no one say that the people who attend Burning Man are not creative. This particular individual decided to “pimp his coat” with various electronics and LEDs. The end result is striking to say the least. Check out the video after the jump. Read More

  • Playstation logo licenced for clothing, “lifestyle” products

    Hey you. Yeah, you Sony fanboi. You know who I’m talking to; you’re the guy that watching blogs for articles about the PS3, and defending everything Sony does with a rabid mindless worship that borders on fanaticism. You’ll be able to show your love of everything shiny, black, and Sony to the outside world now. Well, maybe not the “outside” world, since we all… Read More

  • USB powered boots hit the mainstream

    USB powered footwear isn’t eactly new to the novelty market, but it hasn’t really been embraced by the mainstream clothing makers yet. Well, that’s about to change; Columbia Sportswear just announced the usb powered Omni-Heat boots. Read More

  • DIY: the laser jacket

    So somehow, you’ve ended up with 200 laser pointers. What on earth do you do with 200 laser diodes? Well, you could combine them all into one super laser and write your name on the moon. Or you could find 200 sharks and.. never mind. Or, you could wire them all together into a jacket, and wear it to the mall. That’s it! Read More

  • Wearing your unread email count on your chest

    If you’re like me, you get a little.. obsessive about checking your email. Wouldn’t want to miss that important message after all. So when I see a project like the email count t-shirt, I start to get a little twitchy. It looks like it could be a DIY project, but I’m not sure I have the necessary skills. Like sewing. Read More

  • Review: Scottevest Evolution Travel Jacket

    Short version: Scott Jordan understands geeks. Or at least, he understands what geeks want in clothing. The Evolution Travel Jacket takes the same basic concept as the other Scottevest products, and refines it. The Evolution is a jacket with more pockets then most people will ever need, and could quite easily replace a backpack or messenger bag when traveling. Read More

  • store adds more clothing options for your geek lifestyle

    The store is open for business! Nice looking shirts, hats, and onesies are available for Linux users of all ages. Also available are mugs for the all-important coffee, and stickers. All proceeds benefit the Linux Foundation’s various programs. Read More

  • WTFJeans feature special iPhone pocket, testicle padding, other weirdness

    WTF, indeed. These “WTFJeans” have a special micro fiber-lined iPhone/iPod Touch pocket (good idea), hidden memory stick pocket (okay, I guess), and extra padding on both sides of the crotch area so that, according to the product description, “No matter whether you wear the family jewels on the right like 90 percent of guys, or whether you’re a leftie—extra padding… Read More

  • JakPak converts from jacket to emergency shelter

    Assuming this is durable, this is just the type of emergency shelter I could see using myself. The JakPak turns from an all-weather jacket into a portable shelter by unzipping into a basic bivy sack. It’s a given that it wouldn’t be terribly comfortable, but in a survival situation who cares about comfort. Read More

  • Proximity sensing shirts light up within ten feet of each other

    If you’ve grown bored of using any number of your human senses to tell when someone’s within ten feet of you, then it’s probably time to start trying to convince everyone around you to buy one of these $20 proximity sensing shirts. Read More

  • Hold your Bad Idea Jeans up with this Playboy spy camera belt

    Free dating tip: If the girl you’re talking to isn’t impressed by your Playboy belt, make sure to mention that it’s got a built-in spy camera capable of recording DVD-resolution video footage. If that doesn’t work, then clearly she’ll never be impressed by anything. Time to move on. Read More

  • Ties made from old cassette tapes sort of feature audible playback

    These $90 neckties are made from 50% cotton and 50% old audio tapes. There’s more, there’s more. If you have the time, interest, and/or wherewithal to take apart an old tape player, you can actually run the tape head back and forth over the tie to kinda, sorta reproduce the sounds originally found on the cassette. Read More