• Researchers Create “Near-Exhaustive,” Ultra-Realistic Cloth Simulation

    Cloth is hard to simulate yet it’s important in gaming, scientific analysis, and CGI. That’s why scientists at Berkely and Carnegie Mellon have spent six months exhaustively exploring all of the possible configurations of a single cloth robe on a cute little animated figure, thereby reducing error and creating some of the nicest simulated cloth you’ll see today. They report… Read More

  • Cloth, The Outfit App, Will Dress You For The Weather

    Cloth, The Outfit App, Will Dress You For The Weather

    We talked about Cloth a few months ago when they launched. It’s essentially a place to store your outfits. Did you create a beautiful, backless shirt/shiny harem pants ensemble to wear while roller-blading? Cloth lets you store the specifics and a photo of yourself in that outfit for later perusal. Pretty basic and pretty cool. Not content to rest on their tulle, creators, Wray Serna… Read More

  • Cloth Lets You Store Your “Outfits” In Your “Phone”

    Cloth Lets You Store Your “Outfits” In Your “Phone”

    If you are a “female” you apparently choose clothing in the form of “outfits,” a sort of ritualized selection process that allows you to look “good” in a different set of clothes each day. While I subscribe to Thoreau’s maxim – “Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and, incidentally, when your neighbors come over to your place… Read More