• Non-Psystar PCs running Leopard appearing

    Non-Psystar PCs running Leopard appearing

    John Biggs has a Psystar. It’s a generic PC that runs OSX Leopard, and runs it well at that. It was roughly $550 shipped, and there’s something that gives one a sneaky feeling when using it, as if you’re getting away with something. The Psystar, though, may be just the tip of the iceberg. Apple Insider points out that there are now other PC clones running OSX, and you can get… Read More

  • FC Mobile: Full, portable NES

    FC Mobile: Full, portable NES

    Meet the FC Mobile, a really interesting looking cloned NES console that’s perfectly portable. But unlike most NES clones, this one takes old school NES cartridges, so you can dust off the ones in the back of your closet, blow into the slot, and play Zelda just like you used to. We haven’t tried one out ourselves, but it’s really hard to muck up a decent emulator. My main concern… Read More

  • Psystar shipping $399 Mac clones; Apple still mum

    Psystar shipping $399 Mac clones; Apple still mum

    According to its website, Psystar has started shipping the first of its $399 Open computers, which they will pre-install with Leopard for an additional $155. They also note that they have a new location and signs in the windows, further showing that they might be real, but until I see an Open running Leopard myself, I’m a skeptic. Still no word from Apple on what action, if any, the Mac… Read More

  • X-ITE's fake iPod Touches aren't that X-ITING

    [photopress:MP24.jpg,full,center] I love my iPod Touch to death, and the clones coming out can’t really touch it, though they are getting interesting. This X-ITE PMP is aimed right at the Touch, from form factor to interface. It has a few niceties the Touch doesn’t have, such as DivX and Windows Media support, FM tuner, minSD slot for expansion, and a built-in speaker. There are two… Read More

  • Fabrik Launches Myfabrik – Google Yawns, Has Sandwich

    Fabrik Launches Myfabrik – Google Yawns, Has Sandwich

    Oh boy. I hope you guys are excited on this bitterly cold Tuesday because in Silicon Valley, things are getting HOT! A service called Myfabrik is being released today after beta testing. It’s going to change the way you use the web, I swear. You’ll be able to do things you’d never thought possible, such as share files online (up to 1GB), share videos, photos, and the ability to… Read More