• Hello, Moshi: a voice controlled alarm clock

    Hello, Moshi: a voice controlled alarm clock

    I've been wondering how long it'll be before we start talking to all our appliances and gadgets, just like the gang on Star Trek talks to their computers. Typing, pressing buttons, waving wands around in the air: it's all so inefficient! We should be able to simply speak to our gadgets to have them do our bidding. Today we're one step closer to that golden Utopia, with Moshi, the voice controlled… Read More

  • Customized streetmap clocks from FluidForms

    Customized streetmap clocks from FluidForms

    Just in time for the holiday, Fluid Forms has announced the availability of custom clocks made from street maps. Using their website, you can plug in a zip code or city name and then drag the map around until the portion you want is visible in the clock face. The map will then be fabricated in the color of your choice, to create a truly memorable timepiece. This would make a pretty unique gift to… Read More

  • Wake up! It's time to listen to your MP3s!

    Wake up! It's time to listen to your MP3s!

    This clock looks like it's from olden times but it isn't. It's from the modern age! You basically load this baby up with your own music or recordings and rock out all morning. It costs a mere $40.81 plus shipping and... who am I kidding? Read More

  • Start your day violently with the Smash Clock

    Start your day violently with the Smash Clock

    There are many, many crazy alarm clocks available, all designed to rouse you from the sweet embrace of the sandman. Some make you run around the room chasing some rolling or flying component, some make you assemble puzzle pieces, and some just plain annoy the hell out of you. I can't wait until the Smash Clock comes to market, so that we can finally beat the crap out of an alarm clock. Read More

  • The Life Clock is not an appropriate retirement home timepiece

    The Life Clock is not an appropriate retirement home timepiece

    This clock has been slowed down by 61,320 percent so each minute now represents approximately a year and the face, of course, has been renumbered for the new setting. Not a good grandparent’s birthday gift. swissmiss via designboom via onoffart Read More

  • Oregon Scientific Weather In Motion

    Oregon Scientific Weather In Motion

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wake up every morning to both the weather and the time? If you don’t want to take the extra five seconds to open up SimpleWeather each morning, then make things easier on yourself by picking up Weather In Motion from Oregon Scientific. Aside from having a clock set to Atomic Time, you’ll be able to get your indoor and outdoor temperatures, current… Read More

  • The 7 Best Religious Gadgets

    The 7 Best Religious Gadgets

    JesusPan You know those people who find the face of Jesus in their grilled cheese sandwich and sell the holy melt on eBay for $20,000? Well here’s your chance to hit the big time in the religious pizza market. Bake a pie using this pan and every bite will be a religious experience. [JesusPan] Read More

  • Chameleon-like LED Clock Attracts Zombies

    The things people do to sell a simple clock these days amazes me. This retro clock doesn’t seem to be anything special, but after dark it changes appearance to something cooler. During the day the clock features a white frosted face with black hands, but after dark it emits a blue hue that will undoubtedly attract zombie-like stares. Pick one up for $148 and be the coolest nerd on the block. Read More

  • Lifetimer Clock Reminds Me To Pick Up Vince's Mom

    Did you forget your girlfriend’s birthday this year, again? Or how about that important meeting you had with a big client? Maybe you just want to know how long it is until you leave for that tropical vacation. The Lifetimer Clock does all that and whatever else your busy or boring schedule calls for, with 12 different event slots with individual timers you’ll always be in the know. The… Read More

  • It's a Desk Clock, It's a Digital Frame; It's a Desktop DigiFrame & Clock

    elsewhere? It’ll show your JPGs, PNGs, GIFs, TIFs and BMPs, works with your Windows PC, has 240×160 resolution, and can hold 22 photos at a time on a pair of AA batteries, so you don’t even need to use your computer. I find it odd that as our screen sizes get bigger, we start looking for more ways to display information elsewhere. We can’t all have three monitors, and… Read More