• HEY GOVERNMENT! GET OUT OF SILICON VALLEY! (Unless You've Got CleanTech Subsidies of Course)

    HEY GOVERNMENT! GET OUT OF SILICON VALLEY! (Unless You've Got CleanTech Subsidies of Course)

    The government is like that nerd who crashes a high school party. No one has any use for him….until they figure out he’s got a fake ID and can buy the beer. Despite its liberal leanings, Silicon Valley has always been hostile to government intervention when it comes to business. We don’t ask for bailouts when things go badly and in exchange, we want private equity investing… Read More

  • Silicon Valley at a Cross Roads: Entertainment or Science?

    Silicon Valley at a Cross Roads: Entertainment or Science?

    I wrote a post Sunday about the difference between cultural waves in Silicon Valley and the individual companies that come out of them. Many of the individual companies survive but the wave itself always has to crash. That’s the nature of waves. But it’s also the nature of waves that another one always comes along. I have no idea what that will be. After all, the smartest people in… Read More

  • One Block Off the Grid Raises $5 Million

    One Block Off the Grid, a company that helps residents get competitive group pricing for solar panel installation, has raised a $5 million series A round of venture capital from New Enterprise Associates. The company has gotten pretty far without formal venture cash—facilitating more than 600 installations in 2009, most of that in the fourth quarter. 1BOG, as it’s called, hopes… Read More

  • Will China Eat America's Lunch in Cleantech?

    In the State of the Union Address last Wednesday, President Obama said “the nation that leads the clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the global economy and America must be that nation.” At the same time, on the other coast, 75 clean energy investors, entrepreneurs, and researchers were debating whether the U.S. can gain this leadership position. They agreed that… Read More

  • Zero Motorcycles Kicks It Into Gear With $5.5 Million Series A

    California-based Zero Motorcycles has taken $5.56M in a Series A add-on according to an SEC Report, filed today. Investors in this round were not disclosed. The company previously raised $5M in April of 2008, bringing their total funding to just over $10.6M. Formerly Electricross, Zero Motorcycles specializes in high performance electric street and dirt bikes–the Tesla of the… Read More

  • BYD's Incredibly Sensible House of the Future

    SHENZHEN, CHINA– One of my very early posts for TechCrunch referenced the “futurism” of 1950s Americana, where companies like Monsanto and Disney played out dreamy visions of a new automated way of living that never quite came true. I’m writing this post from Shenzhen, in Southern China—a place whose jaw-droppingly impractical-yet-beautiful architecture and… Read More

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