• IAC’s CityGrid, Parent Of CitySearch And Urbanspoon, Lays Off Two-Thirds Of Staff, As Local Ad Push Bites

    IAC’s CityGrid, Parent Of CitySearch And Urbanspoon, Lays Off Two-Thirds Of Staff, As Local Ad Push Bites

    TechCrunch has learned that CityGrid Media, the parent of local ad-based listings portals CitySearch, Urbanspoon and Insider Pages, is laying off two-thirds of its staff, or around 130 people. IAC, which owns CityGrid, confirmed the number to us and described the process as “streamlining.” The layoffs are taking place amidst some other big shifts at CityGrid: Andrew Moers, president… Read More

  • Following OpenTable Deal, Restaurant Data Provider Locu Adds More Big-Name Partners, TripAdvisor And CitySearch

    Following OpenTable Deal, Restaurant Data Provider Locu Adds More Big-Name Partners, TripAdvisor And CitySearch

    Locu, a local business data provider which extracts structured data from business websites and then makes it available via an API, is today announcing two major new partnerships, specifically for its restaurant data: CitySearch and TripAdvisor. The news comes only a couple of months after OpenTable signed with Locu on a similar deal. Read More

  • Shrink To Grow: Citysearch And Urbanspoon Parent Company CityGrid Lays Off 15% Of Its Employees

    Shrink To Grow: Citysearch And Urbanspoon Parent Company CityGrid Lays Off 15% Of Its Employees

    Online media and advertising company¬†CityGrid, the parent company of properties like UrbanSpoon, CitySearch and Insider Pages, is announcing a round of layoffs today that will affect about 15% of its workforce. Read More

  • Google, These Aren't Really The Best Answers For Users. They Are The Best Answers For You.

    Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal ran an article pointing out how Google is increasingly favoring its own properties, in search results over natural results to outside sites which previously commanded the top spots. This practice is especially noticeable with Google Places and local results, but there are other examples as well from product and mortgage search to health search. … Read More

  • Citysearch Lays Off Editorial Employees, Less Than 3% Of Staff

    We’ve just gotten word that local online guide Citysearch has just laid off part of its editorial department in an continuing effort to reposition itself. The Citysearch business unit of IAC recently rebranded itself as CityGrid Media, which includes the Citysearch listings service, the CityGrid ad network, Urbanspoon and InsiderPages. Kara Nortman, Senior Vice President of Publishing… Read More

  • Citysearch Recasts Itself As CityGrid Media

    Ever since the launch of his CityGrid local advertising network at the beginning of the year, Citysearch CEO Jay Herratti has been putting most of his efforts into building out CityGrid as the largest network of local advertisers and local apps. Citysearch is now simply a flagship publisher on the CityGrid network. To reflect this shift in focus, the Citysearch business unit of IAC (which… Read More

  • Urbanspoon Wants To Challenge OpenTable With Its RezBook IPad App

    Urbanspoon plans to continue its assault on OpenTable, and its weapon of choice is going to be the iPad. I am not talking about Urbanspoon’s slick iPad app which is already out and is aimed at consumers. I am talking about the RezBook, which is part of Urbanspoon Rez and is aimed at restaurant owners. When it comes out in June, RezBook will be a full reservation system. Instead of… Read More

  • How To Use Facebook Ads For Social Recruiting

    How To Use Facebook Ads For Social Recruiting

    Social recruiting is all the rage right now when it comes to finding new employees to hire. Citysearch CEO Jay Herratti recently told me about a simple but effective way his company is using Facebook ads to hire people. Facebook ads are highly targetable. Citysearch puts up an ad with a picture of the hiring manager and shows those ads only to that manager’s Facebook friends. For… Read More

  • Citysearch Gets A New CTO

    IAC’s Citysearch has brought on a new technology chief Christophe Louvion, to its executive team. Louvion will hold the role of Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Core Products. Louvion most recently served as chief technology officer for online ad sales company Gorilla Nation Media. Prior to that, he held positions with and Shopzilla. In his new role… Read More

  • Urbanspoon: Half A Billion Shakes And Counting

    There’s no denying it. People love to shake their iPhones. It’s almost as if they want to see how much they can shake it before it breaks. But shaking it is half the fun, especially when apps take advantage of the built-in accelerometer to turn shaking into a feature. One of the earliest apps to make shaking a central element of its interface was Urbanspoon, the restaurant… Read More

  • UpNext: Three New Cities, Glowing Foursquare Checkins, And CityGrid Listings

    UpNext: Three New Cities, Glowing Foursquare Checkins, And CityGrid Listings

    One of the most detailed 3-D mapping apps on the iPhone is UpNext, which lets you click on 3-D buildings and see a list of the businesses and offices inside. Up until now, however, it only covered New York City. A new update adds three new cities: Boston, Washington, D.C., and Austin (just in time for SXSW, of course). The Austin map won’t be available until later tonight, where it… Read More

  • Citysearch Upgrades Its iPhone App With Twitter Reviews And "Shake For Offers"

    Over the weekend, Citysearch pushed out an update to its iPhone app with a much smoother user interface, better local search, and maps are now the default view. I am happy to report that it no longer looks exactly like Yelp’s iPhone app. The improvements should help it close the gap (Yelp is currently the No. 4 free Travel app, while Citysearch is No. 36). In fact, it now does some… Read More

  • CitySearch Is Building Out The Definitive Directory Of Local Business Tweets

    CitySearch Is Building Out The Definitive Directory Of Local Business Tweets

    Twitter is becoming a serious marketing vehicle for local businesses. Everyone from your local baker to your favorite restaurant is getting on Twitter to talk to customers and draw in new ones. Just last weekend when I was driving to Vermont with my family, I sent out a Tweet asking for a good place to eat lunch. I got more than five responses, including one from a local innkeeper… Read More

  • Citysearch Unleashes CityGrid, A Massive Local Advertising And Content Network

    The momentum around local online advertising is growing, especially with the expansion of the Web to mobile devices and flowering of Geo-mobile apps which need a way to make money. Today, Citysearch is throwing its hat into the local advertising ring with the launch of CityGrid, a set of APIs which makes all of Citysearch’s local listings content and advertising available to other… Read More

  • Hyperlocal Business Directory MerchantCircle Signs Up Millionth Merchant

    Hyperlocal business directory MerchantCircle has been steadily growing as an online network and business directory for merchants in smaller towns to advertise to consumers. MerchantCircle has long targeted its site’s features towards merchants versus catering towards the consumer, as sites like Yelp and CitySearch do. Today, the network has hit a milestone by signing up its one… Read More

  • Yelp Is Growing 80 Percent A Year, While Citysearch Remains Flat

    Say what you will about the quality of the reviews on Yelp or the lengths it will go to get verboten features into its iPhone app, it has made the jump from Web 2.0 darling to a mainstream service. Over the past year, Yelp has nearly doubled its U.S. audience, while incumbent CitySearch has remained flat. In July, Yelp had 8.6 million unique U.S. visitors, up 80 percent from a year ago. … Read More

  • MySpace Local Now Open To The Public

    It may be in the process of hiring a new CEO, but the MySpace machine keeps on rolling. Last month we got our first look at MySpace Local, the joint project between Citysearch and MySpace that combines the popular social network with Citysearch’s extensive database of business listings. The new property has quietly launched the public, and you can check it out here. While MySpace… Read More

  • Yelp's New And Improved iPhone App Officially Hits The App Store

    Yelp’s version 2.0 of its iPhone app has officially hit Apple’s App store. We reported on Yelp’s focus on the mobile space and its importance here. As we wrote recently, the new app gives consumers even more ease in automatically reviewing businesses via their iPhone and enhances its existing GPS capabilities. The updated version of the app now lets Yelpers write reviews… Read More

  • Yelp Focuses On Mobile, New And Improved iPhone App Coming Soon

    Local review sites like Yelp have irrevocably changed the way consumers find businesses in a particular area, and truly given power to the consumer in finding the best place to eat a meal, grab a drink, etc. And the potential of putting local reviews and listings on mobile devices is immense. Yelp’s existing iPhone app is less than a year old and it already accounts for 5% of… Read More

  • MySpace, Citysearch Partner To Create MySpace Local

    MySpace and Citysearch are jointly announcing a new MySpace property this morning called MySpace Local. The site combines Citysearch business listings (including address, photos, menus, videos, maps and hours of location) from a thousand cities with the MySpace community. The site is launching into private beta this week, with a general U.S. launch next month. The new site will eventually… Read More