• Samsung Starts Updating The Galaxy Gear To Tizen To Give It Better Battery Life And More

    Samsung Starts Updating The Galaxy Gear To Tizen To Give It Better Battery Life And More

    The new Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch closely resembles its predecessor, the Galaxy Gear, and in fact most users might not be aware from its UI that it’s actually running a different OS than the older gadget – Tizen, vs. Android. Samsung previously revealed that it would be bringing Tizen to the older Gear, too, and today it has begun that rollout (via SamMobile), offering old… Read More

  • Citizen Signature Perpetual Calendar Watch

    For 2011 Citizen’s major new piece is perfect for the American market. If you want to check out their other cool stuff you’ll need to take a little trip over the Japan (which would be nice… go support them). Part of their newer Signature collection, this is the simply named Citizen Signature Perpetual Calendar, and Citizen Signature Perpetual Calendar Chronograph. Two… Read More

  • Citizen Satellite Eco-Drive Watch Is Accurate Planet-Wide

    Atomic clock radio signal syncing watches are so last year. Citizen just decimated the coolness factor of those watches with the Satellite Eco-Drive watch. This timepiece isn’t just a concept, but will actually be produced as a limited edition later this year – and may have its tech show up in later watches. In a nutshell, the watch keeps its time super accurate from syncing with… Read More

  • Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watch

    Citizen’s featured mainstream new watch collection for 2010 is this Eco-Drive World Time Perpetual AT line of timepieces. Based on a newly developed movement, the collection comes in a large range of styles, in various price brackets. From sporty to sleek, there is a World Perpetual AT watch for everyone. They are based on the new H144 Eco-Drive quartz movement that has a lot more… Read More

  • Citizen Japan to release new i:Virt M Bluetooth watch for cell phone control

    Citizen in Japan has two new models in its oddly named i:Virt M series of Bluetooth-enabled wristwatches ready [JP], the TM84-0351V (108g, leather band) and the TM84-0352V (178g, stainless steel band). The last update i:Virt M happened about a year ago. Owners can use the watches to interact with their (Japanese) cell phones, i.e. by noting incoming calls, controlling the phone camera… Read More

  • I VIRT M: Citizen Japan presents new generation of their Bluetooth watches

    Citizen in Japan announced the I VIRT M [JP], a new model in their series of Bluetooth watches that so far are available in Japan only. I am not sure if this is something many people anywhere would want, but the watches make it possible for users to interact with their cell phones. Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Citizen demonstrates mini e-paper prototype (video)
    The video shows Citizen‘s so-called Denshi peepa (e-paper) display, which has an amazing quality but wasn’t as impressive as Fujitsu’s FLEPIa e-reader. Read More

  • Citizen presents world's smallest radio-controlled watch movement

    Citizen Watch developed the world’s smallest movement for radio-controlled wristwatches [JP]. The so-called H010 measures just 18.5mm in diameter and 3.4mm in thickness. Despite of these dimensions, Citizen claims the movement is very robust and can operate for about three years on a single charge. The company plans to use the movement for women’s wristwatches starting next month. Read More