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  • Arcade Dreams

    Arcade Dreams

    Summer always makes me think of the 7-11 at the end of East Lakeview in Columbus, Ohio. I was about eight. My grandmother took us there every week to get comic books, which were near the front window, by the counter. In the back corner, in darkness, was a Star Wars stand up arcade game. On the day it first appeared it bleated a snippet of the Star Wars theme and my ears perked up. It took a… Read More

  • The Reason Robots Exist

    Go ahead and hit play on the video above. It’s OK, I’ll wait while you gasp in total amazement. You see my friends, these are Chuck E. Cheese type robots from a kids place that are modified to sing and dance to rap music. I must say, Bubba Sparxxx’s “Miss New Booty” is a fantastic song for these robots to perform. What child wouldn’t love shaking his or her… Read More

  • Chuck E. Cheese Creator Opens First uWink Restaurant

    Nolan Bushnell, founder and former CEO of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese, announced that the first uWink restaurant will open Monday, October 16th, in Woodland Hills, California. What’s uWink you ask? Well like all good dining franchise experiences, it distracts you from the quailty of your dining companions and the food with a gimmick; uWink does it by letting you turn your meal into a… Read More