• An Explosion At Foxconn Chengdu Engulfs Building, 16 Hurt, 2 Killed

    UPDATED – What appears to be a fire or explosion engulfed one of the buildings at the Foxconn Factory in Chengdu, China. Foxconn is reporting two casualties and 16 hurt and the damage does look severe and quite thorough. MICGadget reported that “10 fire engines, ambulances and 10 police cars” arrived on the scene. Reports state that a few floors in Building A5 (apparently part… Read More

  • Pacific Crest Securities Buys Shanghai-Based Bank to Help Navigate the China Web Chaos

    Boutique tech investment bank Pacific Crest Securities has purchased Pacific Epoch, a Shanghai-based investment research firm specializing in technology. This gives Pacific Crest fifty more bodies on the ground in China to deliver investors better investment research than “This is the (fill-in-the-blank-Western-Internet-company) of China.” That lazy marketing strategy has… Read More

  • Groupon: "Getting It In The Ass" In China

    Groupon: "Getting It In The Ass" In China

    A Global Mobile Internet Conference kicked off last night in Beijing. The opening event was an on-stage interview with John Liu, head of Google’s China operations, followed by a panel discussion with several entrepreneurs and executives from MSN and Zynga. The interview was titled “How foreign companies can succeed in China”, a rather amusing title considering that no… Read More

  • Move Over iFund: DCM, Tencent, GREE, KDDI Launch $100M A-Fund

    We’ve all got iPhone mania in the Valley, never mind that Apple tracks our every move and won’t explain why or that AT&T users can’t actually make calls. But in Asia– and much of the rest of the developing world– the anticipated mobile giant is Android. Android phones are just starting to hit Japan and China, and a flood of cheap new models are expected to come… Read More

  • China's Online Game Market Surges; Set To Top $8 Billion By 2014

    China’s got game. A lot of game. In fact, the Eastern power is rapidly becoming the world’s leader in the online games market. According to a study released by business and consulting firm Pearl Research, the online games market in China will exceed $8 billion by 2014. Though the Chinese gaming market experienced somewhat sluggish growth in the first part of 2010, by year’s… Read More

  • China Is A Nation Of Fakery: Inside The Shanzhai Markets

    It’s hard to believe, but 1 out of 5 phones in the world is counterfeit and the vast majority come from Shenzhen. This ten-minute video explores the Shanzhai phenomenon and the “mobile phoney” market, a wild west sort of world where counterfeit iPhone 4s are hard to tell apart from their real counterparts. The Shanzhai market sees the sale of these phones as a sort of a system… Read More

  • From The Rumor Mill: Facebook Plans To Enter China Through Major Partnership(s)

    From The Rumor Mill: Facebook Plans To Enter China Through Major Partnership(s)

    Facebook, as I’m sure you know, is blocked in China. And being banned in a country that boasts roughly 500,000,000 Internet users is, of course, not exactly an ideal situation for a company aggressively looking for growth worldwide. Now Facebook is rumored to have recently inked a partnership deal with a Chinese Internet giant in a move to enter the country (which, as some have pointed… Read More

  • Plants vs. Zombies, The Knock-Off

    A Chinese games company, ShunXiang Technology, has created a four-player, arcade version of Plants Vs. Zombies. “Great,” you say. “I love PvZ!” But wait, there’s more! Read More

  • Jawbone Raises $49 Million from Andreessen Horowitz to Dominate Your Mobile Accessory World

    Jawbone, the company most known for its headsets seen on the terminally hip kid to your left, has raised $49 million from Andreessen Horowitz to continue to build new devices to take advantage of the smart phone/mobile Web boom. Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz invested in Jawbone as angel investors back in 2007, and CEO Hosain Rahman credits Horowitz as one of his most important mentors. Read More