• Apple Forced To Temporarily Close Beijing Store To Ward Off Grey Market Re-sellers

    Here’s a fun story out of China, the home of fun stories. It’s also the home of, like, many, many grey market iPhone re-sellers. It used to be that Apple had a two-iPhone limit at its Beijing store. Used to be? Yes, Apple removed the limit, and then chaos ensued. Read More

  • The Surprising Religion of Jack Ma

    Jack Ma– CEO of The Alibaba Group and president of the Carol Bartz fan club— was on Charlie Rose this week, and while he didn’t offer any more insight into the Yahoo situation, he said a lot of interesting things. Ma is a force. He’s going at half-normal-speed in this video. I saw him speak at the World Economic Forum last week in Chinese and the translators… Read More

  • Internet Control Issues: It's Not Just China

    Internet Control Issues: It's Not Just China

    Fighting international cyber-terrorism isn’t easy, but it’s a mission on which we can all agree, right? Not so fast. Russia has been pushing a proposal in The United Nations agency for information technology, which describes the greatest cyber-threat not as hacking or stealing but as using the Internet to spread ideas that might undermine a country. Russia wants any such use of… Read More

  • Day One at Summer Davos: It’s all about the Soft Power

    Day One at Summer Davos: It’s all about the Soft Power

    “Summer Davos” is the World Economic Forum’s four-year old conference in China, titled “The Annual Meeting of the New Champions.” It’s all about the economic challenges and opportunities emerging markets. Wandering between panels where heads of multinationals, entrepreneurs, government officials and social entrepreneurs are talking about the Chinese… Read More

  • Bartz in a China Shop: Has Yahoo's CEO Wrecked the Valley’s Most Valuable Chinese Relationship?

    Bartz in a China Shop: Has Yahoo's CEO Wrecked the Valley’s Most Valuable Chinese Relationship?

    The Chinese aren’t exactly prone to emotional outbursts in front of Western reporters. In China, if you insult a business partner in the press, there’s likely a calculating reason behind it. Witness the latest volley by’s CEO David Wei towards Yahoo, which owns 40% of the parent company for his Chinese ecommerce powerhouse. “Why do we need a financial… Read More

  • Is Google’s Mobile Loss in China Kai-fu Lee’s Gain?

    Is Google’s Mobile Loss in China Kai-fu Lee’s Gain?

    Former head of Google China, Kai-fu Lee, insists—insists—that he is not happy that Google imploded its business in China. “Seeing the work that I put in, how could I be happy to see that?” he says. In fact, in a press release all about his incubator’s companies being built on top of Android he doesn’t use the G-word once. “Given the pull out… Read More

  • Report: China Unicom To Sell iPhone 4 Starting Next Month, iPad Soon

    Telecom giant China Unicom, which exclusively carries the iPhone in China today, will be selling Apple’s iPad in the world’s largest mobile market starting very soon, an unnamed company insider told Chinese media company Caixin. That is in line with earlier reports, which foresaw an August launch for the tablet computer in China, although admittedly a definitive launch date for… Read More

  • Chinese Laptop-Maker Rips Off HP

    Our buddies at Shanzai found this great Chinese computer box containing a laptop made by Tenda that costs about $280 and runs a poky Atom processor. But if you were wandering the stalls at the computer bazaar, what would you notice: the sub-standard notebook or the excellent fake HP box? Read More

  • The Chinese Bus That Allows Traffic To Pass Underneath

    We learned yesterday of a new Chinese Future-Train that can travel at speeds of up 620 mph. It’s quite impressive, yes. Now we learn of the 3D Express Coach, a honest-to-goodness bus that has a hollowed out bottom that allows “regular” traffic to pass underneath. All the cool stuff’s in China these days. Read More

  • China Revving Up For The iPad

    Apple has just pushed the iPad through China Compulsory Certification by the China Quality Certification Center in, get this, China. This means the iPad will be landing on those misty shores sooner than later, although the 3G model may not arrive for some time. Read More

  • Opportunities In The Patent-Free Zone

    China may overtake Japan to become the world’s second-largest economy this year. On its heels is India, and countries such as Brazil and Russia are not far behind. What does this mean for entrepreneurs? That, increasingly, the big opportunities lie outside the U.S. Most people aren’t aware of another advantage in emerging markets: you can freely leverage the wealth of proven… Read More

  • Is It Real, Or Is It A Bootleg Sony Vaio?

    It’s all pretty formulaic. “Company in China releases [knockoff product] that looks so much like the real thing.” See: iPed. Now: some Sony Vaio. Read More

  • China now the world's top energy consumer (but the U.S. has become more energy efficient)

    Is there a green movement in China? Maybe there ought to be, considering the numbers that have just come out. China is now the planet’s number one consumer of energy, overtaking the U.S. in the process. But at the same time, the U.S. has improved its energy efficient more so than China, meaning that the U.S. can get the same amount of work done while consuming less, say, coal or oil. Read More

  • Android Poised For Dominance In China, With Global Implications

    Despite Android’s growth since 2007, many refuse to declare a winner in the battle between Apple and Google for supremacy in the West. However, Android seems ready to leapfrog competitors to grab dominance in China, the world’s largest mobile market. A combination of drastic price drops on Android phones and custom Chinese mobile applications supported by the massive domestic… Read More

  • Dear Mr. President: Immigration Reform Won’t Be Enough To Stop The Brain Drain

    Dear Mr. President: Immigration Reform Won’t Be Enough To Stop The Brain Drain

    In a speech at the American University last Thursday, President Obama highlighted the incredible economic rewards that America has gained from its immigrants. He spoke of new waves of immigrants—from places like Ireland, Italy, Poland, and China—challenging the generations before them, and consequently being subjected to “rank discrimination and ugly stereotypes”. Yet… Read More

  • CleanTech Venture Investments Total $2 Billion In Q2, Exits Reach More Than $8 Billion

    Clean technology remains one of the hottest areas of venture funding. In the second quarter, cleantech venture investments worldwide totaled $2.02 billion across 140 companies, according to market research firm Cleantech Group and Deloitte. The numbers are in line with last quarter’s $2.04 billion, but 43% higher than one year ago. Exits for the quarter totaled more than $8 billion… Read More

  • What Valley Companies Should Know about Tencent

    What Valley Companies Should Know about Tencent

    Quick quiz: Who are the three largest Internet companies in the world by market capitalization? If you guessed Google and Amazon you got two right, but I’m betting few of our American readers guessed the third. I certainly wouldn’t have a year ago. It’s not eBay or Yahoo; it’s Tencent. If you are in the Web space and haven’t heard of them, read this post… Read More

  • How the Chinese Internet Needs to Up Its Game

    Back in March I thought that Google pulling out of China would hurt Google’s Chinese employees and shareholders more than anyone. The search engine was a distant number two in the market to Baidu, and many of the people already using Google in China, I assumed, were doing so through VPNs anyway, meaning the government blocking it wouldn’t immediately change much in terms of… Read More

  • What Has Kai-fu Lee Done Since October?

    I visited Kai-fu Lee’s Innovation Works while I was in Beijing last week to see how things are going. When I last visited the ex-Google China CEO’s incubator, it was little more than empty, expensive office space. (Next to Google…prime poaching?) Now, the offices are teeming with more than 100 people, most of whom are clustered in a nine very early-stage startups. Most of them… Read More

  • Chinese Internet addicts escape, then are returned to, treatment center

    A daring escape plan ended with parental scolding. Three patients (or “inmates,” if you prefer) at a Chinese Internet addiction center staged a coup of sorts, overpowering guards and fleeing the area. All went according to plan until they hopped in a taxi and were unable to pay. The driver became annoyed, called the authorities, drawing the adventure to a close. Read More