• China To Get Cheaper IMAX Movie Tickets

    IMAX is looking to reduce the ticket prices in China and open more than 100 new IMAX theaters. Talk about a bulk discount. IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond said, “IMAX is thinking of lowering the price in order to attract more people coming into theaters.” He added, “We have identified 350 locations that are suitable for opening IMAX theaters in China.” China is now the… Read More

  • Chinese Hackers Break Into Big Oil's Computer Systems, Sensitive Documents Taken

    Chinese hackers are at it again. This time they went after five multinational oil and gas companies and got some very sensitive information including bidding contracts, proprietary industrial processes and other financial documents. The attack is being called “Night Dragon” by Dmitri Alperovitch, McAfee’s vice president for threat research. Alperovitch said that, “It… Read More

  • Video: The World's Biggest Optimus Prime Statue Stands Tall & Proud In China

    Oh, China. When it’s not trying to pass off Top Gun footage as anything other than a horrible movie it’s building the world’s biggest statue of Optimus Prime. Nothing wrong with that. Read More

  • Chinese Gundam Copy Now Looks Less Like The Original, Still Ugly

    Do you remember the embarrassingly ugly and uncool Chinese copy of the awesome Gundam statue Bandai erected in Tokyo and later in Shizuoka? The rip-off caused such a splash that mass media in Japan (and the world) started reporting about it, which then made the Chinese theme park responsible remove their statue for a while. Read More

  • Asian Power: China Mobile, NTT Docomo And KT Form Business Alliance

    It can’t get bigger than this in Asia’s mobile industry, and in fact, it’s a business alliance with the potential to shake things up on a global level. Today, the world’s biggest mobile carrier China Mobile, Japan’s No. 1 player NTT Docomo and Korea’s leading telco KT have announced the establishment of a “broad-based business tie-up”. Read More

  • Let’s Compete on Innovation Rather Than Patents

    The next generations of telecom technologies are called “LTE” or “4G”. China’s Huawei believes that by 2015, it will hold 15–20% of the worldwide patents in these technologies, and that these will it at least 1.5% of the sales price of every device—every cell phone, laptop, and tablet—that uses them.  Huawei is on track to achieve its goals… Read More

  • Chairman Of Build Your Dreams, A Major Clean Tech Manufacturer, Wins "China's Peace Prize"

    The chairman of Build Your Dreams (BYD) one of the world’s largest clean tech and electric vehicle manufacturers, Chuanfu Wang, won China’s Canton Provincial Award for Individual Contribution the company announced today. The Canton Government awarded the CPAIC, a.k.a. “China’s Peace Prize,” to Wang for leading a business that has consistently developed and… Read More

  • Groupon China Giving, Like, a Billion Reasons It'll Beat the Clones

    Groupon China Giving, Like, a Billion Reasons It'll Beat the Clones

    As we noted yesterday and discussed with Groupon COO Rob Solomon months ago, Groupon has been a bit flummoxed over how to enter the difficult but insanely lucrative Chinese market. If you thought the recent acquisitions of sites in Taiwan and Hong Kong were the answer, think again. Apparently Groupon’s Berlin team– which has been leading much of its international efforts with… Read More

  • China "Outlaws" VoIP, Creates VoIP Reporting Hotline

    The State Ministry of Industry in China has “outlawed” VoIP calling, suggesting workers use good old China telecom for their important calls out into the Capitalist wilds. According to a report, the ministry suggested that 30 million current users are using “illegal VoIP operators” and they have been given a number to call to report use of VoIP in their neighborhoods. Read More

  • Presenting The Poop Phone

    According to one of our Asia contacts, there is a range of phones in China by a manufacturer called OPPO and they’re selling quite well. Not to be outdone, members of the Shanzai have created a knock-off model for those who want a little class in their lives. Not content to just copy verbatim, they changed things a round a bit to create the exciting new POOP line of cellphones. Read More

  • Chinese Theme Park Copies Japan's Giant Gundam Statue

    Because it’s so awesome, we’ve spent multiple times covering the 50-foot Gundam statue Japan erected in Tokyo and later in Shizuoka. And now we can see that a theme park in Sichuan in central China agrees: it’s in the process of erecting a Gundam on their own. Read More

  • When Will China's Internet Giants Open the Acquisition Wallet? (TCTV)

    The biggest difference between the Internet scenes in Silicon Valley and China this year? We’re all still asking when Facebook will go public, while Chinese companies are filing left and right. Part of this is an investor demand to get a chunk of that 400 million person strong and growing Chinese Internet market. But part of this is cultural. American Internet entrepreneurs are more… Read More

  • Was Youku a Chinese Internet Netscape Moment? (TCTV)

    A few weeks ago we flagged a growing trend of Chinese Internet companies going public on the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange and getting pretty good valuations. At the time I was surprised more people weren’t paying attention– especially given how few Internet IPOs we’re having in the US and how much of the returns from those Chinese deals were flowing back to Silicon Valley. Read More

  • Smugglers Try To Sneak $143,000 Worth Of iPads From China Into… China

    Fourteen women were caught smuggling a total of 88 Pads and 340 iPhones from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. The women had the devices strapped to their bodies. The smuggling has forced the Chinese government to put a tax on all iPads entering the country, whether they are for personal use or not which, if you think about it, totally sucks. Read More

  • IPO Gives Chinese Video Site Youku A $3.3 Billion Market Cap; Worth More Than AOL

    IPO Gives Chinese Video Site Youku A $3.3 Billion Market Cap; Worth More Than AOL

    Shares of Chinese video site Youku soared on its IPO today, closing at $33.44, which is 160 percent above its offering price of $12.80. Since Youku’s 15.8 million shares of American Depository Receipts (ADRs) represent 16 percent of the total shares, the closing price gives Beijing-based $Youku a market cap of roughly $3.3 billion. In other words, it is worth more than $AOL (owner… Read More

  • The Wikileak China-Google Cables

    A week ago when the first Wikileak cables started coming out, the New York Times reported that some of them shed some more light on the Chinese hacking attacks on Google which led to its withdrawal from operating in China proper. But the actual cables were not released until today. The NYT describes the cables at length in another article today. But the underlying cables are hard to find… Read More

  • iPhone Sales In China Slow, Nokia Still Making Waves In Asia

    Oh no! iPhone sales are down in China! But it’s because the iPhone 4 wasn’t out there until September! And the iPhones there don’t have Wi-Fi but they will soon! But in a little while they will be! And everything will be OK!
    That’s what you’ll probably hear from the blogosphere today about the iPhone in China. Instead, the real story is about China’s position… Read More

  • Wikileaks: Annoyed Politburo Member Reason For Google's China Exit

    Yup, Wikileaks did, in fact, leak yet another series of documents at the weekend, just as many had predicted. This time around the documents are more of a diplomatic nature, that is, their leak has the US Department of State looking quite foolish. Der Spiegel writes: “Never before in history has a superpower lost control of such vast amounts of such sensitive information—data that… Read More

  • John Doerr and Mary Meeker Speak about their New Partnership

    John Doerr and Mary Meeker Speak about their New Partnership

    Venture capital mega-firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has announced that Mary Meeker is joining the firm as a partner, in another sign that the firm is focusing more on this mobile-meets-social-meets-local-meets-global wave of Web disruption. “Our number one goal is to help the Mark Pincuses of the world build their businesses into Internet treasures, and there has been no… Read More

  • WikiLeaked Diplomatic Cables Confirm China's Politburo Was Behind Google Hacking Incident

    WikiLeaked Diplomatic Cables Confirm China's Politburo Was Behind Google Hacking Incident

    Details about the U.S. State Department cables obtained by WikiLeaks are starting to come out. Although WikiLeaks itself may be under a denial of service attack, it provided several newspapers around the world access to the raw documents it is preparing to release later today. The New York Times just posted it’s first article summarizing the contents of the cables and highlighting the… Read More