• Two Chinese Online Video Sites Going Public: Which Should Investors Buy? (TCTV)

    Bill Bishop, an investor and consultant based in Beijing, joined me via Skype to talk about this white-hot Chinese Interent IPO market, that’s even welcoming unprofitable companies into the Nasdaq. “It’s been a crazy couple months, and it looks like it will be crazier through Christmas,” he says. “The goldrush is back.” One of the most interesting corners… Read More

  • China Telecom Denies Internet Hacking Allegations

    China Telecom, alleged to have hijacked all that Internet traffic back in April, has denied any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, the Chinese government has not commented on the matter. Hmm… Read More

  • Will China's 1999 Moment Bail-Out Some Valley VCs?

    Will China's 1999 Moment Bail-Out Some Valley VCs?

    Yes, China is taking over the world. Or at least the Internet. No, this is not like the WE’LL-ALL-BE-WORKING-FOR-JAPAN-oh-nevermind scare of the 1980s. Why? Because China has more than 1 billion people. It already represents the largest online audience in the world and is less than 30% penetrated and has Internet spending per capita that’s less than one-third of the United… Read More

  • Report: China Hijacked 15 Percent Of The World's Internet Traffic In April

    “What happened to the traffic while it was in China?” That’s what McAfee vice-president Dmitri Alperovitch wants to know, and by extension what I’d like to know. I mean, I won’t lose sleep over it, but I will casually think about it for the next hour or so. What am I talking about? Oh, you know, what could well have been the largest hacking in the history of… Read More

  • The Stanford Boys (and Girls) Club—In Beijing

    I’ve written a lot about America’s flawed immigration policies: how the unavailability of permanent-resident visas and the growing xenophobia in the U.S., combined with expanding economic opportunities abroad, are causing a reverse brain drain. Skilled immigrants are returning home to countries like China and India in record numbers. America’s leaders are accelerating the… Read More

  • We're about to Find out Just How Powerful Tencent Is

    At Tencent headquarters there are pictures of its cutesy penguin mascot everywhere. Sometimes he’s winking and smiling, and sometimes he’s getting all badass. It’s also how the company behaves in the market. As you may have read, a strange and dramatic fight is escalating in the Chinese Internet between Qihoo 360 and Tencent, maker of the ubiquitous QQ messaging… Read More

  • How China’s Entrepreneurs Are Helping It Win

    Bob Compton and I finally have something to agree about. The Washington, D.C.–based venture capitalist produced a provocative documentary, 2 Million Minutes, which tracked six students—two each in the U.S., India, and China—during their senior year of high school. It showed the Indian and Chinese students slogging to learn mathematics and science, and the Americans partying… Read More

  • Inside Foxconn's Factories

    Our good buddy Joel Johnson went inside Foxconn’s 540,000 employee factory in Shenzhen. There are 950,000+ employees in China alone. To put that into perspective, Columbus, Ohio, my hometown, is home to 711,470 people. Read More

  • Latest iPhone 4 Clone Looks Close To The Real Thing

    While there are a lot of iPhone 4 clones coming out of China, few are even close to the real thing. Here’s another that comes close to Jonathan Ive’s design, see if you can spot the differences in the video. Read More

  • Chinese Supercomputer Threatens Weaker American Computers

    A mainframe in China running a number of NVIDIA GPUs in parallel just hit 2.5 petaflops, a number that places it in the number one slot in the list of the world’s top 500 supercomputers. The Chinese machine, called Tianhe-1A, looks like it will be the fastest supercomputer for at least six months and experts are suggesting that we could see the waning of the great American… Read More

  • Chinese Apple Store Open And Ready For Your Yuan

    In typical hyperbolic Apple style, the company has just announced the launch of, the Chinese hardware as well as the Chinese version of the “legendary” App Store (yes, they actually used “legendary.”) The store includes all the standard goodies like engraving and Mac customization. Read More

  • Video: Chinese Vending Machine Sells Live Crabs

    We have covered the one or the other obscure vending machine in the past, but this one’s a first: a vending machine that sells live crabs. This model is located in a subway station in Nanjing, China, and keeps the crabs at 5°C at all times. In other words, the crabs inside are alive, “hibernating” in a frozen state. Read More

  • Yet Another Chinese iPad Clone (But This One's Only $130)

    Here’s another China-produced iPad knockoff for your growing “iPad Knockoffs” sticker collection. It doesn’t have a name or anything fancy like that, but it does have a price: approximately $130. Read More

  • The iPhonc Looks Good, Until You See The Front

    The latest knock-off from China is the iPhonc – a curved back mobile phone that looks good up to a point. Details are non-existent, but you probably don’t want to buy this thing anyway. Read More

  • The Good and the Bad of the IPO Market

    The Good and the Bad of the IPO Market

    The third quarter IPO market is like looking at a Rorshach test: You can find data to support that liquidity is getting better or data to support that it’s getting worse. Here’s the reality check: There is an increase in deals– a big increase if you look at the first nine months of the year and compare it to the first nine months of 2009. And the pipeline is building: 67… Read More

  • Revo-Round: Bravely Saving China From the Square-Eye Menace

    In one of the most baffling moves I’ve ever seen in CE, a company named Revo-Round is creating a “roundtop” computer with a round screen and keyboard. Why? To “preserve the characteristic proud Asian look for future generations to come!” Yeah, you read that right. Square screens are causing Asians to lose their Epicanthic folds. Read More

  • Apple Forced To Temporarily Close Beijing Store To Ward Off Grey Market Re-sellers

    Here’s a fun story out of China, the home of fun stories. It’s also the home of, like, many, many grey market iPhone re-sellers. It used to be that Apple had a two-iPhone limit at its Beijing store. Used to be? Yes, Apple removed the limit, and then chaos ensued. Read More

  • The Surprising Religion of Jack Ma

    Jack Ma– CEO of The Alibaba Group and president of the Carol Bartz fan club— was on Charlie Rose this week, and while he didn’t offer any more insight into the Yahoo situation, he said a lot of interesting things. Ma is a force. He’s going at half-normal-speed in this video. I saw him speak at the World Economic Forum last week in Chinese and the translators… Read More

  • Internet Control Issues: It's Not Just China

    Internet Control Issues: It's Not Just China

    Fighting international cyber-terrorism isn’t easy, but it’s a mission on which we can all agree, right? Not so fast. Russia has been pushing a proposal in The United Nations agency for information technology, which describes the greatest cyber-threat not as hacking or stealing but as using the Internet to spread ideas that might undermine a country. Russia wants any such use of… Read More

  • Day One at Summer Davos: It’s all about the Soft Power

    Day One at Summer Davos: It’s all about the Soft Power

    “Summer Davos” is the World Economic Forum’s four-year old conference in China, titled “The Annual Meeting of the New Champions.” It’s all about the economic challenges and opportunities emerging markets. Wandering between panels where heads of multinationals, entrepreneurs, government officials and social entrepreneurs are talking about the Chinese… Read More