• Chinese Censors Turn Up The Heat On Google

    When Google shut down its Chinese search operations and moved them to Hong Kong, it placed its search results outside the so-called Great Chinese Firewall. China immediately started blocking politically sensitive search queries, just as it does for all Web content outside the firewall. That was a week ago. But reports are coming out of China today that censors are turning up the heat on… Read More

  • The $65 Creation Tech netbook. You know it's going to be great!

    I’m not sure how useful this will be, but it sounds interesting. Chinese manufacturer Creation Tech is selling a 7 inch ultra mobile PC for $65. The specs aren’t very impressive, but for that kind of money what do you expect? Read More

  • China has every right to be upset with Google right now

    Here’s a story I simply do not understand. Yes, we all know that Google has pulled out of mainland China, choosing to redirect all Chinese traffic through its uncensored Hong Kong hub. What I don’t understand is, what gives Google the right to flout a country’s laws, no matter how “bad” they may seem? China doesn’t want its citizens to read up on… Read More

  • China Calls Google's Bluff, Blocks "Certain Sensitive Queries" From Hong Kong Site

    China Calls Google's Bluff, Blocks "Certain Sensitive Queries" From Hong Kong Site

    The Chinese government is definitely not pleased with Google right now. In response to Google’s decision yesterday to stop self-censoring its search engine and other sites in China by redirecting them to its site in Hong Kong, China is now censoring some search queries itself. A Google spokesperson confirms to us “it seems that certain sensitive queries are being blocked. However… Read More

  • Even more cheap Android tablet computers

    Today seems to be the day of cheap Android tablets, and while I doubt we’ll ever see any of these in the U.S. they are worth mentioning. These particular tablets are produced in China by HiVision, a company not exactly known around the world. That could change however, because these little (7-inch) tablets look to be selling for around $100 each. Read More

  • Shock! Apple admits it uses factories that employ children

    It seems that quite a few children were discovered working in the factories where they assemble Apple products and components. Why this would come as a surprise to anyone is beyond me. Did people think Apple had a special brushed-aluminum facility surrounded by parks and fountains, where volunteer workers happily put together iPads just for the chance to be part of something magical? No, Apple… Read More

  • The next big thing in China is "socialist" production

    The guys behind – a blog covering the very best in China and Indian shanzai products – are taking the world of shanzai online with a new crowdsourcing site called Basically, its your standard crowdsourcing model or better yet “Social Production” – the site puts up a product they can manufacture in China and everyone visiting the… Read More

  • U.S. authorities identify Chinese hacker partly responsible for Google attacks

    The Chinese hacker saga continues, with some pretty huge news having emerged in the past few hours. U.S. authorities have identified, so they think, the sole person responsible for the underlying code used on attacks on Google and others. He’s a “freelance security consultant” in his 30s, and he was able to take down almighty Google by exploiting a previously unknown hole… Read More

  • Trying to track down those Chinese hackers

    More news from that China hacking deal. Investigators have tracked the attacks that befell Google and other victims to two schools in China, one of which has ties to the Chinese military. Whether or not this was an officially sanctioned series of attacks, or merely a couple of comp-sci students testing out their skills, clearly nobody knows. That’s the beauty of these hacks… Read More