• Nokia gives up Japan (almost), will possibly focus more on China and India

    Nokia, the world’s leading mobile phone maker, announced it would stop selling and marketing its handsets in Japan because the market share remained flat over too many years (hovering at around 1% vs. around 38% worldwide). One of Nokia’s vice presidents said: “In the current global economic climate, we have concluded that the continuation of our investment in… Read More

  • MS: China not important due to piracy

    Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft doesn’t find China “important” due to its government’s lack of support in fighting software piracy. Although China is a huge market, Microsoft products can be found across the country – and online – for pennies and/or free. “China’s not really very important to our business right now,” Mr Ballmer said. Read More

  • Video: E-Waste in China, a toxic industry Current has, in its Naked China series of videos, this interesting but scary breakdown of just what happens to all those old PCs, printers, and DVD players that are obsoleted every year and binned. In a place like China, where manual labor is their most abundant natural resource, it isn’t hard to turn a profit from tearing down imported e-waste and… Read More

  • China defines Internet Addiction and you probably have it, dear reader

    So, tell me. Do you: Spend 6 hours online a day? Yearn to get back online when you’re off? Feel distress (mental or physical) when disconnected? Have trouble concentrating or sleeping? Yes? Good! That means you’re part of this modern world in which people connect via their electronic devices. Wait, no. Bad! It means that according to Beijing’s Military General Hospital… Read More

  • Meizu M8 to arrive just in time for you not to care during the holidays

    The Meizu M8, famous for essentially being a Chinese iPhone, will launch in China on November 30 and eventually trickle over to our shores for the holidays. The camera runs Windows Mobile and includes a 3-megapixel camera, FM radio, and EDGE. It will also have Wi-Fi in some areas and cost $348 and $421 in the 8GB and 16GB models, respectively. Read More

  • Huang vs. Asus: corporate fraud or consumer greed?

    I’m thinking a little of column A, a little of column B. The story is this: Huang Jin, a student in China, bought an Asus laptop that was having a lot of hardware trouble. She sent it back a couple times and eventually they replaced the CPU, which then started overheating. Examining it, she found it to be an “engineering sample” — an early run CPU made for testing… Read More

  • Australia looking to become Internet censor (just like China)

    Australia looks set to join China as a state-mandated Internet censor. The measure is primarily aimed at combating online child pornography, but an open-ended statement from the government’s communications minister sounds ominous: …we are talking about mandatory blocking, where possible, of illegal material. “Where possible”? That seems pretty capricious. The… Read More

  • Visit Beautiful, Censorious China! Virtually!×000000%27%2CautoBuffering%3Atrue%2CautoPlay%3Afalse%7D If you’d like… Read More

  • China now recording all internet cafe customers

    So much for the new, friendly China. Apparently the “Great Firewall of China” has been replaced, following a brief interval during the Olympics when internet restrictions were eased. Now the bricks are being re-laid, and with fewer gaps to boot: they are now requiring internet cafes to photograph all customers. Not quite to the extent suggested by my inflammatory photoshop job… Read More

  • Solar-powered Chinese car travels 93 miles per 30-hour charge

    China’s 001 Group, based in Zhejiang province, has produced a solar-powered car that costs some $5,500—more than reasonable for any car, let alone one that’s partially fueld by our own local star. The company has actually made more than 10 of them, which shows the difficulty (or expense) of producing them; if they were cheap to make, why wouldn’t they be rolling off… Read More

  • Ultizen Games launches Crazy Mouse for XBLA becoming the first Chinese-based studio to do so

    Being the “Year of the Mouse”, China-based Ultizen Games announced today that Crazy Mouse will be available for download from XBLA starting tomorrow. The game features a crazy mouse that fancies himself a gastronomist like Remy from “Ratatouille” where you will attempt to make your way through 32 levels of maze-y fun. It’ll set you back 400 MS points or… Read More