• 23snaps Tries Its Hand At Being The Facebook For Families

    23snaps Tries Its Hand At Being The Facebook For Families

    Another entry in the mobile-first, private social networking for families space (yes, apparently this is a thing now): 23snaps, a new iOS application that works like a mini-Facebook for posting status updates, photos and videos of your kids. The app isn’t anywhere near as dazzling as current private social network darling Path, but it’s a functional and easy-to-use alternative to… Read More

  • Play Safe For Android Locks Down Your Phone So Kids Can (Safely) Play

    Play Safe For Android Locks Down Your Phone So Kids Can (Safely) Play

    Sometimes you just gotta do your own thing. Such was the case with Boris Vaisman, who dropped out of Y Combinator’s winter batch (where he was on kid-safe phone lockdown tool, Kyte). Says Vaisman, it was just a matter of “having a different vision in terms of how to move forward.” So what has Vaisman, along with co-founder Ankush Agarwal, now launched instead? Play Safe, an… Read More

  • TinyTap App Lets Kids Create Customized iPad Books & Games

    TinyTap App Lets Kids Create Customized iPad Books & Games

    TinyTap is a new iPad application designed for kids which introduces a different angle on the “record-your-own-voice” storybooks craze, by offering a playable book or game you and your kids can customize with your own photos, camera shots, music, narration, and more. The resulting creations can then be shared with family and friends. And, for a little inspiration, the built-in… Read More

  • AllClear ID Rolls Out First-Ever Social Security Number Blocking Service For Children’s IDs

    AllClear ID Rolls Out First-Ever Social Security Number Blocking Service For Children’s IDs

    ID and fraud protection service AllClear ID, is launching a new feature today which aims to protect kids’ Social Security Numbers (SSNs) from being stolen and used to secure things like mortgages, loans and other big ticket items. It’s a major problem, the company says, noting in a new study that 10.7% of children have had their ID stolen. The idea with the new service is to create… Read More

  • Launches First Subscription Music & Video Service For Kids Launches First Subscription Music & Video Service For Kids

    Parents looking for a curated selection of music and videos that’s a little more kid-friendly than YouTube have another option now, thanks to the launch of The new iPad app is the first subscription-based music service for kids, and is targeting the 2-7 age range. Included in the app are videos and music from top kids artists like 23 Skidoo, The Jimmies, Laura Veirs… Read More

  • FarFaria Brings A Hulu For Kids’ Stories To The iPad

    FarFaria Brings A Hulu For Kids’ Stories To The iPad

    “Grumpy Cat! Grumpy Cat! More Grumpy Cat, please!” – That’s basically my two-year-old’s review of FarFaria, a new subscription-based children’s storybook app for the iPad. (To translate: she loves it, and especially that story about the grumpy cat.) The app, to be clear, doesn’t just offer the one story – not that my kid seems to care right… Read More

  • Yes, It’s True: Kids Are Tablet Fiends. And Gaming Apps Are The Winners

    Yes, It’s True: Kids Are Tablet Fiends. And Gaming Apps Are The Winners

    If you own a tablet and have children, chances are that this will not come as news to you. For those who don’t but work in mobile, it’s something worth remembering when you’re concocting up your next big product: Kids are crazy about tablets. According to some research out today from Nielsen in the U.S., in households that own a tablet, seven out of 10 children under the age… Read More

  • Woozworld Launches WoozIn, A Facebook For Kids

    Woozworld Launches WoozIn, A Facebook For Kids

    Sometimes, reporting startup news can make a person feel old. Case in point: Woozworld, the virtual world maker for tweens, is launching a social networking service called WoozIn, which I’m saying with a straight face. I swear. WoozIn. It’s essentially a Facebook-lite/virtual world mashup that allows prepubescent youth to share, comment and like their friends’ updates… Read More

  • Researchers trying to find out why baby cries

    Ever wonder exactly why the baby is crying? Is he hungry? Is she tired? Does she have gas? Does he need changed? All these questions whirled about in my head whenever junior would wake in the middle of the night and start making noises. Researchers in Japan however, are working to find an answer to the first question, however they haven’t made any progress with the followup question… Read More

  • Lok8u: GPS wristwatch keeps tabs on kids

    UK-based Lok8u (Get it? Locate you?) is a GPS-enabled wristwatch meant to be worn by children. The watch also features a built-in cell signal, too, which enables location information to be relayed rapidly to parents while waiting for the GPS chip to get its bearings or when there’s no line-of-sight to GPS satellites. Read More

  • INCHworm adjustable shoes grow along with kids, feature three sizes in one

    I don’t have children, but from what I hear they’re quite expensive. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on new shoes over the course of a couple years (that’s how much a family spends on shoes, right?) perhaps you could consider these INCHworm shoes, which adjust in size to match your child’s freakishly fast-growing feet. Read More

  • Leapfrog announces new reader "Tag Junior"

    Leapfrog makes some great educational toys, no doubt about it. In fact, my son uses the LeapPad system to read books. Once he was old enough to use it on his own, he spends hours listening and repeating the words to learn them. Now it looks like LeapFrog is going after the younger audience. Read More

  • Video: No-good kids receive the Wii for Christmas & freak out

    This is pure, unadulterated Communism. Look at all these kids, getting all “excited” because Santa gave them the Wii. Now Mommy and Daddy are drowning in credit card debt—not to mention that mortgage that just won’t go away—so you and your friends can play Wii Fun Simulator Read More

  • Kami Kami Sensor: Japanese company sells bite counter for kids

    At first sight, it may look strange but Tokyo-based Nitto Kagaku’s Kami Kami sensor [JP], a device tailor-made for children counting the number of bites they make while eating food, actually seems to have a right to exist. Parents can control whether their kids chew their food properly through the sensor, which tries to motivate the little ones by making sounds after every 30 and… Read More

  • Lull: The baby light that turns on and off as the day goes by

    This is the Lull, a fancy children’s lamp that works in conjunction with the day/night cycle. That is, in the morning the lamp opens open not unlike a flower, shining light on your child’s face. Wake up. In the evening, the lamp closes and slowly dims, allowing your child to fall asleep while counting sheep or some such. Read More

  • BBC loses precious children’s data

    Really, your child is not that cute. Yes, I’m sure you think your child is adorable, but unfortunately, he, she or it just doesn’t have what we are looking for. Thank you for your time… and your information. The BBC is responsible for a stolen data stick that contained the private information of hundreds of children. The group of children auditioned for an upcoming BBC show… Read More

  • New OLPC revealed: OLPC Dual Screen!

    If the first OLPC XO laptop was considered a fashion item, just think how popular this thing will be. Of course, at the moment it’s only a little bit more real than fairy dust, and the idea that it will cost $75 in 2010 is laughable, but you have to admire the project’s ambition. At half the size of the original OLPC, the new XO DS (as I’m calling it) will sport dual… Read More

  • UK man upset that 'Wii Fit' called step-daughter fat

    A girl in the UK who weighs around 85 pounds was told by Wii Fit that she was fat, despite being “a perfectly healthy, 4ft 9in tall 10-year old who swims [and] dances…She is solidly built but not fat. She was devastated to be called fat and we had to work hard to convince her she isn’t,” according to the girl’s stepfather, in an interview with the Daily Mail. Part… Read More

  • Pregnant women, beware: Cellphones linked childhood behavioral problems

    A new study has found links between cellphone use during pregnancy and behavioral problems in children later in life. Just the type of news the cellphone industry wants to hear, I’m sure. The study, conducted by UCLA and a Danish university, sampled some 13,000 kids. It found that children whose mothers had used a cellphone “two or three” times a day had increased likelihoods… Read More

  • Childhood 2.0: Your kids live their lives online and that's horrible

    [photopress:yourkidsaredoomed.jpg,full,center] PBS would like to inform you that your kids now live their entire lives online. Instant messages, Facebook, Hubbo, BFF, etc., all the while sharing their sensitive information with Bad Guys. Your kids are also bullying each other online, but we’ll just chalk that up to youthful indiscretion. Take a minute to stream this documentary… Read More