• Hands-on LG's amazingly tiny OLED TVs

    These will be shipping the second half of 2010 to various potentates and oil barons around the world. It’s one of the smallest OLED devices I’ve seen since Sony’s diminutive offering that never really made it into the wild. Read More

  • The Livestream feed will be live until 5 and then again tonight from 7-10 (hopefully)

    You guys said that you want to see lots more of show floor so we’re going live for the rest of the afternoon. Devin and the Livestream guys are currently en route to Yurtopia to get ear molds made. Live! After that they plan on hitting booths until the show closes at 5. But we’re not done. Tune in before 7 to watch Doug take down 30 other technology journalists in the… Read More

  • Hands-on video: Lenovo's U1 hybrid tablet-netbook

    They had this thing on display at Unveiled, but there was only one and nobody was really allowed to touch it. But Lenovo was nice enough to let me check this one out at their party last night in the Venetian. I’ve got to start running down to this meeting at a whole other location down the street, so I can’t write a blow by blow, but the video is pretty self-explanatory. The… Read More

  • We'll be live with Palm in about 5 minutes

    John is down at the Palm press conference, and we’ll be going live in just a few minutes. Keep your eyes open, we’ll see what they might have up their collective sleeves. Read More

  • Hands on with the Pixi Plus and Pre Plus

    We just did some live video from the Palm lounge where we saw the Pixi and Pre Plus, two improvements to the current WebOS line-up. Notable points? The 3D gaming was quite impressive and the design has been considerably improved in this iteration. Read More

  • Ooma launches Telo Pure Voice VoIP system

    The best kept secret in VoIP with overseas relatives and friends is Ooma. For about $200 you can set your overseas loved ones up with some hot VoIP action, giving them a local telephone number they can use to call you and you can use to call them. If you travel then its great. That said, Ooma has just released the Telo system, an improvement to its current firmware that includes… Read More

  • Denon's S-5BD combines a BD player and 5.1 receiver for fun and profit

    All-in-one solutions are nothing new. Hell, Walmart sells them, but that term is generally reserved for lower-market products, not something from a top-tier audio brands. Denon doesn’t care about that stereotype though. The companies new S-5BD is a Blu-ray player and high-end audio receiver. All-in-one! Read More

  • Kodak's Playsport: fully waterproof successor to the Zx1 HD pocket cam

    We’ve always enjoyed Kodak’s pocket cams — compact, decent video, and solid price. The newest one is pretty awesome; I got to put my hands all over it last night and it has a good feel to it. It’s smaller, but feels more solid than the Zi6, Zi8, or Zx1. And of course it’s totally waterproof. They had it in a fish bowl and it functioned just fine. I don’t… Read More

  • We were down for a few good hours there

    We still don’t know what happened but we were down for a few hours there. Sorry for that. Read More

  • Sony releases the Dash

    In a move that baffles and, in a way, excites, Sony has released the Dash, a $199 “personal Internet viewer.” It’s basically a 7-inch tablet that will cost $199. It looks absolutely nothing like the Mylo, which is very good news Within the device, an internal accelerometer supports vertical flip, allowing for two optional viewing angles: upright, ideal for a table or… Read More

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