• Twitter Puts Its DMCA Takedown Requests Up For All To See

    Twitter Puts Its DMCA Takedown Requests Up For All To See

    Yesterday’s announcement that Twitter would be selectively censoring tweets based on country was not well-received. But part of that announcement was the assurance that the process would at least be transparent. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. They also mentioned that they were working with Chilling Effects to make notices and orders sent to Twitter publicly available. At… Read More

  • Twitter Changes The “Contours” Of Censorship With Country-By-Country Blocking

    Twitter Changes The “Contours” Of Censorship With Country-By-Country Blocking

    Twitter has announced in a blog post a glorious new ability: “the ability to reactively withhold content from users in a specific country — while keeping it available in the rest of the world.” At last! There are two ways of looking at this new “ability,” one optimistic and one pessimistic. One is that Twitter is now more able to effectively tailor itself to the… Read More

  • Social Censorship in India: Much Ado About Nothing

    Social Censorship in India: Much Ado About Nothing

    Another year, another attack on the Internet. Lately, though, it’s not a loose collective of individual hackers sitting in dark rooms trying to wreak havoc. This time, stronger forces and vested interests are stepping into the game. In a matter of a few weeks, the world’s most powerful democracy and the world’s largest democracy engaged in their own specific battles over… Read More

  • Fukushima Robot Operator’s Blog Deleted – Internet Steps In

    Fukushima Robot Operator’s Blog Deleted – Internet Steps In

    An anonymous blogger known only as S.H. has been posting detailed daily descriptions of the robot-based disaster response effort at Fukushima. The blog included technical details and personal anecdotes, but nothing sensitive to national security. In early July, however, the blog was discontinued and later deleted altogether. The videos S.H. had uploaded to YouTube were made private. The origin… Read More

  • RIM Agrees To Filter Pornographic Content On Indonesian BlackBerrys

    Another day, another example of RIM having to buckle to governmental pressure in order to stay in business. It has emerged that RIM has agreed to filter pornographic content on Indonesian BlackBerrys as a direct result of a government request. While this isn’t the first time that RIM has had to accommodate various government requests, it does represent the first time that RIM has greed… Read More

  • Internet Control Issues: It's Not Just China

    Internet Control Issues: It's Not Just China

    Fighting international cyber-terrorism isn’t easy, but it’s a mission on which we can all agree, right? Not so fast. Russia has been pushing a proposal in The United Nations agency for information technology, which describes the greatest cyber-threat not as hacking or stealing but as using the Internet to spread ideas that might undermine a country. Russia wants any such use of… Read More

  • StarCraft II to be censored for South Korean release

    When I read this headline, I thought there must have been some mistake. I mean, as we all know, StarCraft is the life-blood of South Korea. How can Blizzard release a gimped version of the game over there? 1up calls it “heavily edited,” and perhaps “censored” is as much an overstatement as “heavily edited” is an understatement. The game was given a… Read More

  • What's up with Australia's planned Internet filter?

    Man, what’s up with Australia? I think we’ve touched on the country’s plan to block all sorts of unwanted content from reaching the country’s computers, but now Google and Yahoo have officially come out against it. Surely Google knows a thing or two about battling state-sponsored Internet censorship. Read More

  • Left 4 Dead 2 may be sold in Australia after all

    Good news everyone! Turns out that Left 4 Dead 2 will most likely be sold in Australia after all. If you remember, we told you a few weeks ago that the governing body in Australia that rates game had in fact banned the new L4D game on the grounds that it was just too violent for people between the ages of 15 to 18. Well, Valve decided to work with the ratings board to try and resolve the issue. Read More

  • World of Warcraft is back in China, but censored (cue ominous music)

    Rest easy, friends, since the World of Warcraft-in-China saga has come to an end. Yes, the game is now up and running once again. Unfortunately, I guess, there’s a bit of censorship to contend with. Read More

  • The Umbrellas of Tiananmen

    Chinese police are now holding umbrellas up on Tiananmen Square to prevent folks from shooting video or taking photos of the square during this, shall we say, delicate 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989. Chinese Twitterers are trying to break through the censorship by coding their reports of protests. Chinese censors are called “river crabs” and the even… Read More