• A Tale Of Two Apps

    A Tale Of Two Apps

    Sometimes multiple apps adopt similar ideas and designs as part of some peculiar cultural zeitgeist. But things get murkier when ideas become shared and adopted by long-time friends riffing on similar concepts. That appears to be what happened to Kevin Rose and Danny Trinh, who built separate photo-sharing apps that ended up looking eerily similar. Read More

  • Just in time for the G1, T-Mobile removes 1GB bandwidth cap

    T-Mobile has removed the 1GB 3G data cap ahead of the G1‘s launch. People had been freaking out, as they do, the past two days when they read the fine print of T-Mobile’s terms and conditions, realizing that the wireless carrier imposed a “soft” 1GB cap on 3G data. Meaning, that if you downloaded more then 1GB of data—isn’t that a big selling point of the… Read More

  • Comcast capping Internet downloads at 250GB starting Oct. 1

    Torrent freaks and mIRC monkeys take note. Starting on October 1st of this year, the all mighty Comcast is installing a rock-solid cap on your downloads. This 250GB limit is part of their shift towards “protocol agnostic” network management – or whatever the hell that means. Wait there is more my torrent-loving reader. There might even be an overage charge of $15 per 10GB… Read More