• The Beercan Bot: Frighten Your Drunk Friends

    Imagine cracking open a cold one and, before the sweet nectar hits your lips, the freaking can turns into a walking, rolling, transforming beerbot. Scary, right? Well this young Japanese man has created a canbot to end all canbots. It is controlled via Wiimote and it can transform, roll around, and even walk using a shuffle technique straight out of my worst nightmares. Read More

  • JVC has two new sets of cans, the Black Series (sounds mean)

    JVC has two new sets of cans, the Black Series (sounds mean)

    JVC knows what’s up. It’s good to see that not every set of headphones outed by A/V companies lately are in-ear models. Over-the-ear cans are not only so much more comfy, but they generally sound better than in-ear ones too. These two new models come to us under the Black Series label – whatever the hell that means. Read More

  • Canned Shape Card Reader

    Canned Shape Card Reader

    If you’re anything like me, you woke up this morning, grabbed your first beer of the day out of your bedside mini-fridge, and got ready to face the demons. But what if that can didn’t contain beer but memory card slots! How funny — and infuriating — would that be? Who would you kill? No one, right? Because no one will talk to you. Their loss. Well, now you can… Read More