• Cannon.Fm Launches Launches Local Music Streaming Radio App

    In an attempt to watch their development, I’ve been keeping tabs on a small Columbus OH startup called I first talked with them several weeks ago before their product launch, and have been interviewing them occasionally, to see how they are adapting, changing, improving, revising their business model and product. That product — a streaming radio iOS app called… Read More

  • Startup Profile: Cannon.Fm It’s More Than Just Pandora For Local Bands (Video)

    Intrigued upon hearing about these StartupWeekend vets, I managed to track down founders Ryan Cox and Mat Marcum in order to get a little more info about their interesting and imminently launching streaming music startup. is like a lot of other streaming music services out there — Pandora and Spotify come to mind — however this lean team of eight or so have… Read More