• AG-AF100: Panasonic’s Micro Four-Thirds Pro Camcorder Gets Priced And Dated (In Japan)

    Back in April, Panasonic caused quite a big splash by teasing the AG-AF100, an interchangeable-lens camcorder for “professional users”. The Micro Four-Thirds device is the first of its kind, offering 1080/60i or 1080/30p AVCHD video recording and the ability to use a bunch of different lenses, adapters and filters with it (Micro Four-Thirds lens mount). Read More

  • Sanyo Releases A New Tiny Camcorder, The VPC-GH4

    Sanyo knows what they’re doing when it comes to camcorders, but this one looks like a misfire to me. The simple design, 5x zoom, and easy operation may be appealing to those looking at a $200 price point, but those people also want simplicity in their video, and 1080i is no longer an easy format to use. Looking for a cheap camcorder? Grab an H30 or Playsport. Read More

  • New Toshiba Pistol-Grip Camcorders Get Touchscreens

    Toshiba has dropped a pair of new camcorders at IFA, both of the genus Pistolgrippus. The P20 is the chubbier of the two, though that’s not saying much, since the S30 is only 19mm thick. Once you’re past the point where these things slip into your jacket pocket, though, a millimeter here or there doesn’t really signify much. Good for them, though. Read More

  • Samsung Introduces A Rather Strange-Looking Camcorder With A Tilted Lens

    The phenomenon of tilting the lens in your camera or camcorder is simply not something I understand. Is there a nationwide crisis because of people not pointing their camcorder properly? Are home movies being ruined because it’s all shots of people’s knees? It seems to me that camera manufacturers have invented a problem to solve, and their solution is weird-looking. Read More

  • Picsio: JVC Rolls Out Two New Full HD Mini Camcorders

    JVC in Japan has announced [JP] two new Picsio camcorders today, the GC-WP10-A (pictured above) and the GC-FM2 (pictured below). Both models record video in full HD, come with web connectivity (iTunes, Facebook, YouTube) and with video editing software LoiloScope on board. They also feature a 3-inch touchscreen and a 1/3.2 CMOS sensor (5MP). Read More

  • New Sanyo PD2 Pocketcam Brings 1080p And 3x Zoom For $170

    The pocketcam wars are hotting up. If you’re a consumer that doesn’t particularly care about image quality or lots of options, you have a ton of great choices. Sanyo makes a great compact camcorder (I use their pistol grip CG10 for tons of stuff), and they’ve just released a pocketcam that looks pretty solid. Read More

  • Panasonic's New 3D Camcorder Gets Handled, Judged

    We’ve been looking forward to Panasonic’s consumer 3D camcorder since we first saw their pro one at CES. When it was revealed last week, I have to say I was a bit disappointed. It’s not a new camcorder at all, just a conversion lens that severely limits exposure and manual controls. The 60FPS split-resolution recording methods threw me as well. But I haven’t handled it… Read More

  • HDC-TM650: Panasonic Announces Another (Japan-Only) 3D Camcorder

    Panasonic caused a splash in the blogosphere yesterday when it announced the world’s first consumer 3D camera, the HDC-SDT750, for the American market (release in October). The device was announced [JP] today in Japan as well, but Panasonic made some changes. And it showed another model, too, the HDC-TM650 (pictured), which hasn’t been announced for other markets thus far. Read More

  • Panasonic Has Two New Camcorders: Small And Extra Small

    I recently reviewed the Toshiba Camileo H30, a functional camcorder with a traditional body style, and concluded that these would continue to sell for a few more years just on the strength of being familiar objects. The Flip-style camcorder is gaining popularity (as well as embedded imagers in phones and such), and the flip-out LCD home camcorder’s days are numbered. Panasonic is… Read More