• What Happens To California If Silicon Valley Became A State, In 7 Charts

    What Happens To California If Silicon Valley Became A State, In 7 Charts

    At least one wealthy tech investor wants to encourage California’s latent separatist tendencies and slice California into six different states, including one State of Silicon Valley. Per California law, no matter unlikely or odd a proposed ballot proposition is the Secretary of State releases a report to voters on a bill’s potential economic impacts [PDF]. Usually, ballot… Read More

  • On California’s Bizarre Internet Eraser Law For Teenagers

    On California’s Bizarre Internet Eraser Law For Teenagers

    California has passed a well-intentioned law allowing teens to scrub their youthful indiscretions from the Internet. Starting in 2015, any minor can request that a digital service provider delete pictures of themselves passed out drunk at a Justin Bieber concert. The law doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, since nearly every imaginable service offers a delete button. Perhaps more… Read More

  • California Finally Approves Online Voter Registration (Sadly, It’s Just 1 Of 11 States To Have Done So)

    California Finally Approves Online Voter Registration (Sadly, It’s Just 1 Of 11 States To Have Done So)

    So, this piece of news managed to sneak under the radar, but it’s worth recognizing as a victory for the Internet and for the state of California. Digital technology has been slow to come to some offline institutions, a glaring (and sad) example being the very democratic process of registering to vote (and then actually voting) in local and state elections. A few weeks ago… Read More

  • Going Green: 100W Light Bulbs To Be Phased Out In California This Year

    If there were a superhero who was powered by 100W lightbulbs it’s safe to say his days of fighting crime in California are over. The state will end the sale of 100W light bulbs after the current supply has been exhausted. It’s part of the federal Energy Independence Act and Security Act of 2007. Silly name aside, the law will go into effect in the coming years across the country. Read More

  • California Can Now Search Arrestee's Mobile Phones Without A Warrant

    Good news: the state of California can now seize and search your cellphone without a warrant. The new regime will only affect people who have already been arrested, so it’s not as if police officers will be able to search your cellphone at routine traffic stops. But still: yeah, it’s sorta lame. In 2011, even more of your rights will be chipped away. Read More

  • Terra-Gen Power Closes $1.2B in Financing to Build Nation's Largest Wind Farm

    Terra-Gen Power announced closing $1.2 billion in construction financing and wind turbine orders. The company will build four wind power projects for the Alta Wind Energy Center in Kern County, California, for which Vestas-American Wind Technology will provide 190 turbines with a capacity of 570 megawatts. This is the largest number of wind turbines ever ordered for a single site in the… Read More

  • SolarCity Wins $21.5 Million Funding Round from Mayfield

    SolarCity today announced that it is taking a $21.5 million round of funding led by Mayfield Fund, and the company’s previous investors Draper Fisher Jurvetson, DBL Investors and Generation Capital. The company’s prior funding totaled approximately $134 million, and included investors First Solar, JP Morgan and Elon Musk. SolarCity helps businesses, home owners and government… Read More

  • California license plates may go digital, turn into billboards

    Just when you think that there’s no way you could have any more distractions while driving, California comes up with yet another way to put billboards on the highways and streets. Of course, the state’s budget crisis is well known, and lawmakers are currently discussing the possibility of changing to digital license plates, and then allowing companies to buy advertising time on cars. Read More

  • California's CTO Responds To Our Challenge With His Own: Give CA Your Best IT Ideas

    Editor’s note: In a pair of posts a couple of weeks ago, contributing columnist Vivek Wadhwa highlighted the antiquated nature of the state of California’s IT systems and the way contracts for those systems are doled out to legacy IT firms. He then challenged Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to come up with ways to rebuild California’s IT systems at one tenth the cost. … Read More