• All hail the ten-armed USB charging cable

    All hail the ten-armed USB charging cable

    Aaaand here we have the only charging cable you'll ever need. Is it a tangled mess waiting to happen? Perhaps. But you could safely misplace most, if not all, of your other USB charging cables. Plus, it looks like a sea monster! Read More

  • iStubz iPod Cables: Short is the new long

    iStubz iPod Cables: Short is the new long

    Tangled cords are absolutely the bane of my existence and yet I'm not quite anal enough to wrap twist ties and rubber bands around excess slack, so I enthusiastically applaud the shortest version possible of any proprietary cable (or any cable, for that matter). Applause, then, to the unfortunately-named iStubz iPod cable. Read More

  • Atlona has some nifty swivel HDMI and DVI cables

    Atlona has some nifty swivel HDMI and DVI cables

    I'm a sucker for products that make installing A/V equipment easier and these cables from Atlona do just that. The ends swivel to allow for tighter mounting against the wall. You see, some cables feature large, cool looking ends that don't like to bend against a wall, which then pushes the flat screen out a bit or forcing the installer to cut into the wall. But these cables bend in half which… Read More

  • Power Shelf de-tanglifies your chargers

    Power Shelf de-tanglifies your chargers

    Through some bizarre law of the universe if you put two cables on opposite ends of an empty room and return an hour later, both cables will be tangled together in a knot. You can help to stem that tide somewhat by forcing yourself to adopt simple cable management techniques. There's nothing fun or sexy about cable management but it can be simplified by using things like these Power Shelves. Read More

  • Today is 'Free HDMI Cable Day' (plus $5.99 for shipping)

    Today is 'Free HDMI Cable Day' (plus $5.99 for shipping)

    HDMI cables are the new fool's gold. And by fool's gold I mean "things they sell at Best Buy for $30+ that you can get on the internet for next to nothing." Read More

  • DIY: Speaker and component cables

    DIY: Speaker and component cables

    Making A/V cables used to be a hobby of mine. That was before HDMI took over my gear though. But just a few short years ago, all my A/V equipment was hooked up with homemade cables. The process is easy enough as long as you can use wirecutters and crimpers. Speaker and audio cables are the cheapest to make as they generally do not require any special tools but component cables aren't that… Read More

  • Our life with cables

    Our life with cables

    Designer Christoph Niemann hates cables as much as the rest of us, but he has the skill to creatively describe his disgust. Summarizing the obvious problems and flawed solutions he gives us an overview of the cable misery with a clever pictorial storyboard. Read More

  • USB cable with inline card reader

    USB cable with inline card reader

    File this one in the “good ideas” folder (if you use the tickler system, file it in the “February” folder). Brando is selling a mini-USB cable with an inline SD card reader sitting smack-dab between point A and point B. It allows you to transfer files from an SD card while at the same time charging your cell phone or other portable device. Read More

  • Review: Kensington Media Sharing Cable

    Review: Kensington Media Sharing Cable

    Quick Version: Sometimes e-mailing files to yourself or dumping stuff onto a USB drive gets old. Kensington’s plug-and-play USB cable makes sharing files between two computers stupidly easy. If you’ve used a USB port before, you’re pretty much set. Read More

  • Karl Zahn's Smart Kleat

    Karl Zahn's Smart Kleat

    File this one away in the “only if I thought of this, I could pay my baby momma.” The Smart Kleat. Kind of self explanatory but still innovative. It will be available from Charles & Marie eventually for a yet to be announced price.  via Apartment Therapy Read More