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  • Old-School Printing Company All-State Legal Acquires Vizibility To Get Into Mobile Business Cards

    Old-School Printing Company All-State Legal Acquires Vizibility To Get Into Mobile Business Cards

    Vizibility, the mobile business card platform, today announced that it has been acquired by All-State Legal. Now All-State Legal isn’t exactly the kind of company we usually write about here. The engraving and printing company was founded in 1946 and its digital services don’t go beyond offering an online store. Clearly, though, even All-State legal has seen that traditional… Read More

  • CamCard, A Card-Scanning App That’s Dominating Asian Markets, Reaches 50M Users

    CamCard, A Card-Scanning App That’s Dominating Asian Markets, Reaches 50M Users

    While there’s a perennial debate on the West Coast about whether and when business cards might become irrelevant, they continue to be at the center of business customs in China and Japan. That’s why it’s natural that a Chinese company — not an American one — might be able to dominate this market and behavior globally. Read More

  • DIY Electronic Business Cards: You Know, For Nerds

    Although a post that begins with “over the past six months I have set up fairly complete printed circuit board fabrication lab in my apartment, cheaply and safely” can be somewhat disconcerting, I believe that a man with the chops to make a PCB fab in is apartment is a man worthy of knowing. Luckily, that man, one Jared Foster, has made these fancy persistence-of-vision business… Read More

  • Pitrec: Handheld to digitize business cards

    It’s 2010, and we’re still exchanging printed business cards. There are quite a few solutions to digitize the cards, but most existing scanners, for example, aren’t practical enough. This is where Pitrec [JP], a new handheld for digitizing business cards made by Japanese stationery maker King Jim, comes in. Read More

  • ScanBizCards: use your iPhone 3GS to organize your collection of business cards

    Business cards are an anachronism. We all have them, we all pass them out to people we meet, but how many of you actually own a rolodex, or file the business cards you receive in any meaningful way? For the people you actually care to connect with — as opposed to the people from whom you dutifully accept a proffered business card with no intention of ever contacting — you might… Read More

  • Very cool Pac-Man business card holder

    Remember the business card case shaped like a NES controller that came out in July? Well, that one wasn’t too bad, but this new Pac-Man card holder is way cooler. Read More

  • LEGO employees hand out tiny versions of themselves as business cards

    Apparently if you work at LEGO, you get a miniaturized LEGO person of yourself with your contact info on the (your) back. When someone asks for your business card, you hand them the figure. That is, how you say, outstanding. Never mind the gigantic bulge of LEGO figures in everyone’s pockets and the incessant noise that must fill every hallway at LEGO headquarters when people walk… Read More

  • Mini Desktop Filing Cabinet Brings Back CES Woes

    Every trade show we attend, we’re swarmed by people in the industry throwing their cards at us like shurikens. After the first 50 or so, you start accumulating a little pile on your work desk and then 6 months down the road, your desk is littered by tons of cards from PR people, manufacturers, R&D guys, and those little cards people flick in your face in Vegas with hookers on them. Read More

  • X-Ray Business Cards

    File this under “coolest thing ever.” It just arrived in via email and I’m wondering where I can order a set. Note that this is the card of a “Debt Recovery Agent” and that the X-Ray depicts a thoroughly broken finger. Quite appropriate. I’d like to have my next set of cards made like this. Maybe I could show an image of a wrist with carpal tunnel syndrome. Read More