• Confirmed: Yahoo Is Acquiring Video Ad Company BrightRoll For $640M

    Confirmed: Yahoo Is Acquiring Video Ad Company BrightRoll For $640M

    Yahoo just announced that it’s acquiring video ad company BrightRoll for $640 million in cash. TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden and Sarah Buhr reported last month that a deal was in the works, with a price of around $700 million, but both companies declined to comment. Read More

  • Veenome Raises Another $600K To Translate Video Content Into Machine-Readable Data

    Veenome Raises Another $600K To Translate Video Content Into Machine-Readable Data

    Veenome, a startup that analyzes video content to improve ad targeting (as well as analytics and SEO), just announced that it has raised $600,000 in new funding. The company is also announcing a partnership with video ad network BrightRoll. Veenome CEO Kevin Lenane said this is part of a larger shift in strategy — the startup originally focused on providing its services to publishers, but… Read More

  • BrightRoll Snags Former Yahoo Treasurer And VP Of Finance As Its New CFO

    Yahoo has apparently lost yet another executive with the departure of Ron Will, former treasurer and vice president of finance at the Internet company. The man has decided to join video advertising startup BrightRoll. Will was an executive at Yahoo for quite a while, from 2004 until the end of March, 2011, to be exact. As CFO, Will will oversee BrightRoll’s finance, corporate development… Read More

  • BrightRoll Rolls Into Mobile Video Ads

    Chasing the general trend of people spending more and more time on their phones, video ad network¬†BrightRoll announces today their expansion into mobile video advertising, attempting to expand inventory and lower CPM costs. Advertisers and third party buyers can now buy mobile pre-roll ads through BRX, BrightRoll’s video ad buying platform. BrightRoll is one of the largest video ad… Read More

  • BrightRoll: Video Ad CPMs Are Down 37 Percent, But Ad Revenues Are Up 84 Percent

    Online video ad rates keep coming down, but that could be a good thing. BrightRoll, a large video ad network, is reporting that cost-per-thousand (CPM) rates for pre-roll video ads across its network are down on average by 37 percent from a year ago, but total revenues across its network are up 84 percent. Cheaper ads are leading to more spending by advertisers overall. The chart above… Read More

  • BrightRoll: Q2 Pre-Roll Video Ad Rates Are Down, But Total Revenues Are Up

    Video ads are the great hope of brand marketers on the Web. They are easy to understand (it’s just like on TV, kinda) and easy to create. That’s why pre-roll video ads will never die. Brand marketers love ‘em. As the rates for pre-roll video ads on the Web go down, it looks like total video ad revenues keep going up. At least that is what is happening across… Read More

  • BrightRoll: Video Ad Rates Dropped 12 Percent In First Quarter, And The Pre-Roll Is Still King

    The ad rates for online video keep coming down, and that is a good thing. Video ad network BrightRoll is about to release some data from the first quarter of 2009 which shows ad rates as measured in cost-per-thousand impressions (CPMs) dropping 12 percent annually. The rate of decline is slowing from the 25 percent drop that video ad CPMs experienced during the fourth quarter of 2008. But… Read More

  • BrightRoll Data Shows Video Ad Rates Came Down 25 Percent In The Fourth Quarter

    Some new data from video ad network BrightRoll suggests that Web video advertising is suffering along with every other category BrightRoll places video ads on top media and professional broadcast TV sites rather than user-generated video. In other words, this is the inventory that all the advertisers want, but there supposedly isn’t enough of it. Yet 50 percent of this… Read More

  • BrightRoll Launches DIY Video Ad Network

    Video ad network BrightRoll relaunched this morning with a name change from PostRoller and now offers direct access to the ad insertion process for consumer video producers. The company’s technology serves up ads in multiple formats, monitors click throughs to determine which format is most effective and switches ad formats dynamically for the best results. Video publishers can choose… Read More