Bottle Opener

  • Behold the Clicker: the ultimate lazy man device

    Behold the Clicker: the ultimate lazy man device

    It's fairly easy to find exactly when most Americans started to get fat. All you have to do is go back to the 1950's. Some would say this is due to our fast food lifestyle, people spending too much time in front of the TV instead of running from animals, or even possibly a plot by Colonel Sanders. I think it's directly related to the invention of the remote control. Now, there's even less reason… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Tagger Edition

    Daily Crunch: Tagger Edition

    Bush Presidency Countdown Keychain: How Many Days, Minutes, Seconds Left in Office AKG K 701 Hands On: Sickest Headphones Ever Transformers: Robots in Your Shoes Your Mom Wants a Pink Zune 1GB Bottle Opener Read More

  • 1GB Bottle Opener

    1GB Bottle Opener

    Summer’s coming. That means outdoor beer drinking. I, however, have limited pocketspace in my pants. Thus, I’m all about convergence. When someone comes out with a USB flash drive into a bottle opener, I will be a happy man. Oh, hey, look, I’m suddenly happy. The Popdrive is just what I need: a combo 1GB USB thumbdrive and a bottle opener. When one of your enterprising young… Read More