• As “Paying The Writer” Gets Easier, Whither Bookstores?

    As “Paying The Writer” Gets Easier, Whither Bookstores?

    There has been a bit of fussiness in publishing over the past few weeks regarding the rise of used bookstores as cultural centers/ways to screw writers. While many are coming down on the side of “any exposure, even through piracy” is good, many more writers are taking the “pay the writer” tack. The good news is that they’re both right. First, let’s look at… Read More

  • Indie Bookstores Aren’t Dead Yet

    Indie Bookstores Aren’t Dead Yet

    Something magical is happening: Indie bookstores are coming back for a few very interesting reasons. While the rise of digital books has definitely put a dent into the fortunes of bookstores – you can read all about it at your local Borders store – it seems something else is at play here. Read More