• Note to Estranged Co-Founders: Settle Your Baggage First, Pitch Reporters Second

    I posted a story earlier today about a cool company called Bonobos, which makes better-fitting hipster pants and just raised $18.5 million in funding. I did an extensive interview with the founder and CEO Andy Dunn last night and asked a lot of detailed questions about how the company was founded and the early days. At the end, I asked if there was anything else I didn’t ask that I… Read More

  • Bonobos Raises $18.5 Million. Metrosexuals Unite!

    Andy Dunn is part Indian and part European. He’s tall and slender, but he has surprisingly meaty thighs. As a result, he could never find pants that fit well. European cut pants were too tight but when he tried to wear American cut pants he felt like he was swimming in billowing fabric. And if he spent all day shopping to find great pants, he didn’t feel great afterwards. “If… Read More