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  • Bob Pittman on Android Wear and IHeartMedia's Future

    iHeartMedia CEO On The Rebranding From Clear Channel

    Clear Channel has been quietly transforming for the past few years into a true platform, where live events, broadcast radio and digital products are combined and cross-promoted to give consumers total access to the music and talk radio that they love. To reflect that transition, the company rebranded to iHeartMedia. We sat down with CEO Bob Pittman to discuss the decision and better… Read More

  • Bob Pittman Plunks Some Cash Into Fanboy Newsletter GeekChicDaily

    The email newsletter may seem like an anachronism in this age of Web media, but the inbox persists as a favorite filtering mechanism for millions of readers. It’s a niche media model that is proving itself with email newsletters such as DailyCandy, Thrillist, and Tasting Table. Former MTV and AOL exec Bob Pittman is a man who has invested in all three of these, and is now plunking… Read More