• BMW Officially Unveils The i3, An Electric Hot Hatch With A $41k Starting Price

    BMW Officially Unveils The i3, An Electric Hot Hatch With A $41k Starting Price

    Watch out, Tesla. BMW has officially entered the EV market. With the BMW i3, officially announced today, the Bavarian auto maker has a vehicle and, with that, a platform, that could shake up the electric vehicle market. Meet the BMW i3, the ultimate electric driving machine. Read More

  • BMW LTE Wi-Fi Demo

    BMW Wants To Make Your Next Car A Truly Mobile 4G LTE Hotspot

    BMW has rolled out a new feature that will let riders stay connected, by adding 4G LTE WiFi connectivity to its cars. BMW owners will be able to buy an optional hotspot that connects with the car and can use its antenna to provide blazing-fast wireless Internet speeds. Read More

  • Meet BMW’s New All-Electric i3 SUV And Hybrid-Electric i8 Sports Car

    Meet BMW’s New All-Electric i3 SUV And Hybrid-Electric i8 Sports Car

    Because our resident automotive enthusiast Matt Burns up and decided to go camping this week, I was lucky enough to attend BMW’s sneak preview event in NYC today where I got a first look at two new eco-friendly vehicles: the BMW i3 and i8. Referred to as mega-city vehicles (or MCVs if you will), both are built with the urban driver in mind, capitalizing on green features and stability. Read More

  • BMW Demos MOG

    BMW Demos MOG

    Earlier today we ventured to downtown New York for a demo of a BMW equipped with MOG’s music streaming app. MOG has been working with Mini and BMW on this app for a while. The BMW version is slated to launch in mid-October and it works with BMW’s new ConnectedDrive technology, available in 2011 and beyond models. MOG’s music library contains 12 million songs. Read More

  • AutoTech: Hands-on With The Mini Connected Infotainment System Mini’s rolling out a slick new in-vehicle system and we recently got a hands-on demo. Mini Connected features much of what you’d expect for a modern infotainment system including a tight integration with iOS devices but there are some nifty new tricks. Everyone wants RSS feeds in their… Read More

  • Video: Inside BMW's Secretive Plant Zero R&D Manufacturing Facility

    Take a quick look at where BMWs are conceived. The video doesn’t show much, but clearly gets across the message that BMW is committed to making the world’s best cars. Crafting prototypes out of solid aluminum says commitment. Nuts. Read More

  • Bang And Olufsen Bring 16 Speakers To The New BMW 6-Series Coupé

    BMW announced today the all-new BMW 6 Series Coupé with a Bang and Olufsen sound system with 16 loudspeakers driven by 1,200 watts of power. There are seven tweeters that come paired with mid-range speakers for consistent sound. The other two speakers are the two massive subwoofers mounted to the car body under the front seats. This method ensures there aren’t any vibrations or rattles… Read More

  • BMW Teams Up With, Invests $5 Million In MyCityWay

    Auto maker BMW recently established a New York-based venture capital firm dubbed BMW i Ventures that it seeded with $100 million to seek out partnerships that might facilitate BMW-i product adoption in urban markets. BMW-i is a BMW sub-brand solely focused on developing and producing sustainable mobility vehicles. Its first investment was made public this week: BMW pumped $5 million into… Read More

  • New BMWs To Sport Apple Interface, iPad And iPod Out Integration

    The Paris Motor show is going on now. The usual car unveilings are a given, but also the shows are becoming a place for automakers to showcase and release exciting new tech. Take BMW for example, they are known around the globe for making the “ultimate driving machines.” Now, they are entering the realm of being the ultimate connectivity machine. Read More

  • BMW plus Sennheiser equals some sweet-looking headphones

    I always wonder what is really meant when people say that BMW, or Ferrari, or whoever, colluded with this or that consumer tech company to create a product. Obviously they didn’t get the lead designer for the 5 series to work on these from the ground up, but at the same time they didn’t hire the guy who created the seat-recline mechanism. I’m guessing they get a few sketches… Read More

  • BMW expanding its electric presence with Active-E leases

    You’ve probably heard about the BMW Mini E lease program — 500 or so of the little buggers were let into the wild to be given real-life, long-term testing by regular people. It seems like the program was a success, because BMW is doing it again, this time with their Active-E (Activeeee!) concept, a more practical car for most people, but also mighty expensive. Read More