• Casio Releases Bluetooth Connecting G-Shock Watch

    A bit faster than I expected Casio has now finally debuted its first Bluetooth connected watch. The Casio G-Shock Bluetooth is designed for use with upcoming Bluetooth profile 4.0 mobile phones that are said to be coming soon (a few might already be around). As Bluetooth 4.0 is designated as a “low energy profile,” this watch will retain a 2 year battery life on a single… Read More

  • DIY Bluetooth Handset For Your Hand (Video)

    You would expect someone with blue hair to wear a purple glove phone. This DIY Bluetooth glove, sourced from a purple fingerless glove and a Bluetooth headset, was made with just a few extra wires and shrink wrapping. Read More

  • OT Tags Bluetooth Headset: For People Who Like To Get Rough With Their Headsets

    Outdoor Technology has just come out with some dog-tag-like Bluetooth headphones called OT Tags. You can get them in either black or red and when not in use they hang down like dog tags — see what I mean? The Bluetooth headset offers stereo listening from any Bluetooth device and if the connected device is a phone, then you can also make and receive calls. Read More

  • I Have Seen The Future, And It Looks A Lot Like Bump (Without The Bump)

    There is something about exchanging information by bumping fists that is deeply satisfying. What I like most about the iPhone app Bump is that it’s different. Its features are nifty enough; transfer money, information, and as of last week, music to someone else by tapping your phone against theirs. More importantly, though, it’s a harbinger of the next wave of the mobile… Read More

  • Elecom Outs Bluetooth 3.0 Mouse

    Elecom’s new Bluetooth 3.0 laser mouse will come with an 800/1600 DPI resolution and a quite compact size of 74.3×52.3×33.4mm. The little thing will weigh 43g without the 2 AAA batteries. As you probably aware BT 3.0 is fast and way better than 2.0. Although I’m not entirely sure a mouse is in need of being potentially able to stream HD video directly to a TV. [Via akihabara] Read More

  • Are You Man Enough To Handle The Maverick Nica Sunrise Bluetooth Headset?

    You’re not ready for the Maverick Nica Sunrise Bluetooth headset. This thing is for mavericks only, it’s for the risk-takers, the men who look fear in the face and spit, men whose loins are rock hard and whose teeth are made of iron. Read More

  • Logitec Announces The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Earphones

    Logitec announced their newest product today, something that they are selling as the world’s smallest Bluetooth earphones. Weighing in at a mere 1/3 of an ounce, the LBT-PCHP02 earphones just might qualify for the title. Read More

  • Just In Time For Halloween: The iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

    I was about to open a can of Samhain on this Brando Bluetooth keyboard until I saw what it looked like backlit. BAM! Great freaking pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Read More

  • Android Notifier App Makes Your Phone Growl

    Looking for an easy way to get SMS, phone call, and battery life notifications to your desktop? Got an Android phone? Well, Android Notifier will do all that to your PC, Mac, or Linux box for free. All you have to do is install the appropriate software. You can send notifications via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and choose which notifications you want to receive. You phone will then let you know… Read More

  • Wavetooth: The Bluetooth Headset For Swimming

    Most of the time I’m like “Brando, you dumb” but today I’m like “Brando, wow.” This is basically a waterproof headset the connects via Bluetooth to most A2DP-compatible devices. You also get a bag to put your stuff into so it doesn’t get wet and it works with the iPhone. It’s waterproof to 3 meters and you can even use it out of the water. Read More