Blue Origin

  • Esther Dyson On The Future Of Space Travel: We Are Only At "The End Of The Beginning"

    Today might have marked the last Space Shuttle launch, but it is not the end of people going into space. In fact, technologist, angel investor, and space privatization advocate Esther Dyson says it’s only “the end of the beginning” and that private companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, and Xcor will fill in the gap. I spoke with Dyson… Read More

  • Amazon's Bezos Shows Off Egg-Shaped Spacecraft

    So, Jeff Bezos, founder of, formed a aeronautics company called Blue Origin a few years back. They’ve been working on the ugliest personal spacecraft ever for a while. Virgin definitely has the edge on design here, but check out what Bezos’ little egg can do in the above video. I don’t see many-a-flame, do you? It only got 85-meters high though, so don’t get… Read More