• The Blu MT3 Majesty Half-flying Tourbillon: Awful purdy

    First off, why didn’t anyone tell me about TimeTV? These guys have created a video blog about watches and the production quality is excellent. They just came back from Basel and I’ll try to share a few videos with you guys once I dig through their mess of video. Second off, this is the Blu MT3 Majesty Tourbillon, a watch that uses an amazingly small and light Tourbillon movement… Read More

  • Report: Apple bought a truckload of LED backlights, to be used in sub-notebook?

    There’s a story in today’s Digitimes that claims Apple has placed an order for 13.3-inch LED backligt units, known on the street as BLUs. What could Apple be doing with a bunch BLUs, say, maybe, putting the finishing touches on a Damn Small notebook? (That’s what I’m hoping for. I’ve been without a notebook for seven months now… I missing going into… Read More