• Tumblr Runs Into “Networking Issue” That Affects Subset Of Custom Domain Blogs (UPDATED)

    Tumblr Runs Into “Networking Issue” That Affects Subset Of Custom Domain Blogs (UPDATED)

    If you use Tumblr to host a blog with a custom domain name, you might notice that it’s not functioning properly. That’s apparently the case for companies like Airtime, Pinterest and Path, as I’ve come to find. I reached out to Tumblr and received the following response. Read More

  • New spongy material instantly hardens on exposure to magnetism

    A new kind of material (of which currently no actual picture exists anywhere) with the consistency of pudding that hardens instantly when exposed to magnetism has been developed by a team of researchers at Japan’s Yamagata University. And once the substance, a mix between high polymer and iron oxide granules, hardens, it can become up to 500 times stiffer than plastic. Read More

  • Kimengi takes on Zemanta with its content recommendation engine

    Kimengi is a new Dutch startup providing ”related-content” to bloggers and publishers via a recommendation widget called “f>>dforward” (feed forward). Once installed, the widget automatically provides related articles from multiple sites based on a combination of tag matches and  collaborative filtering techniques (“Users similar to you liked…”). Read More

  • Meet Midori-san, the world's first blogging plant

    The Japanese are perhaps the most active people in the world when it comes to blogging and reading blogs so it’s not really surprising to see the world’s first blogging plant (a Sweetheart Hoya, to be exact) coming from this country. Midori-san (“Ms. Green), as the 40-cm pot plant is called, is the customer magnet in an Internet cafe in Kamakura (a small town west of Tokyo). Read More

  • Sony Starts Official Playstation Blog, World Keeps Spinning

    “We’ve been waiting” No, we haven’t. Sony just started a Playstation blog which is managed and written by executives at SCEA. This new website will apparently give insight into the minds of Sony execs which was never before possible. Of course, there are absolutely no other websites devoted to the Playstation or Sony. This leaves us wondering whether the people at… Read More