• Blizzard Unveils Second Expansion For World of Warcraft

    Blizzard Unveils Second Expansion For World of Warcraft

    The Borean Tundra awaits you Damn you Blizzard. I’m still struggling to get to 70 (I’m 65 and have a life) and now you pull THIS on me? You’re just evil. Seems Blizzard has unveiled a preview of the second World of Warcraft expansion: Wrath of the Lich King! WLK brings a lot of crazy new features that will put Burning Crusade to shame. You’ll now be able to hit level 80… Read More

  • New StarCraft 2 Pics From Blizzcon

    New StarCraft 2 Pics From Blizzcon

    Nick over at ShackNews recently got back from Blizzcon and took some awesome shots of StarCraft II that are sure to please. There will be heaps of marines, battlecruisers, and motherships for your gaming enjoyment and it really looks to become one of the best Blizzard games yet. I’m sure once Starcraft II comes out, people will be craving something other than WoW. Check out the link for… Read More

  • Blizzard Working On New Title

    Blizzard Working On New Title

    You can love World of Warcraft all you want, but when it boils down to the facts, everyone loves a new Blizzard title. In an interview with Gamasutra, Blizzard’s Frank Pearce noted that there are three teams working on projects. One is stuck to WoW, the other is on top of Starcraft 2 and a third is working on “a really awesome” project that’s top secret. Hmm, this is a… Read More

  • Blizzard Employee Lets Kid Design Game

    Blizzard Employee Lets Kid Design Game

    Next time you load up World of Warcraft, you may have a newfound understanding for all those players running around trying to get gear. Blizzard employee Rob Pardo watches his 7-year-old daughter play on her 54 Warlock and gets a better perspective of the game. Says Pardo: Playing games with my daughter is great because it really allows me to see what is fundamentally fun about game mechanics. For… Read More

  • Ezra Chatterton Gets A Phoenix

    Ezra Chatterton Gets A Phoenix

    Last week, we discussed Ezra Chatterton and his World of Warcraft wishes. The boy got all he could ever ask for and the dudes in Blizzard really hooked him up with some cool gear. Now Blzzard is going one step further and is giving Ezra his very own Phoenix flying mount. Yeah, this kid went and got a friggin’ phoenix to fly around on without having to run some instance 600 times. So what… Read More

  • Blizzard Makes A Wish Come True

    Blizzard Makes A Wish Come True

    Ezra creates his own world at Blizzard’s studios Normally I’d hate on Blizzard for the constant downtime that occurs when a patch is rolled out in World of Warcraft, but after reading this article, I have a newfound change of heart. 10-year-old Ezra Chatterton has a life-threatening brain tumor which gives him massive headaches and has required major surgery. The Make-A-Wish Foundation… Read More

  • Dude Discovers WoW Girlfriend Is A Dude

    Dude Discovers WoW Girlfriend Is A Dude

    Sometimes dealing with a relationship can be tough. Poor John Harrison, who is a 20-year-old college sophomore, found out recently that his in-game World of Warcraft “girlfriend” was actually a 27-year-old who lives at home with his parents and works used to work at Burger King. For months, John was truly in love with an elf known as Chelxai whom he met through his guild. After Chelxai… Read More

  • Blizzard, DC Comics Team Up For WoW Action Figures

    Blizzard, DC Comics Team Up For WoW Action Figures

    With World of Warcraft soaring past 8 million users, it was only a matter of time before more action figures were concocted up by a marketing team at Blizzard. Through a partnership with DC Unlimited (DC Comics), figures will be available sometime in Q3, with the debut at next week’s Toy Fair in NYC (CG will be there). Says DC, the debut figurines will be between 5 to 8 inches and made of… Read More

  • Blizzard Empties WoW Players' Banks

    Blizzard Empties WoW Players' Banks

    I have no idea what Blizzard is doing, but they’ve got some serious issues they need to sort out if they’re accidentally emptying out people’s bank accounts. In World of Warcraft, you get to choose a specific server you want to play on. The server is essentially your character’s world. If you ever want to switch to play with a friend who is on another server, you have to… Read More