• Blinkx AdHoc Lets Publishers Monetize Your Embedded Videos Too

    Blinkx AdHoc Lets Publishers Monetize Your Embedded Videos Too

    There’s a lot of talk about remunerating video creators these days. Revver’s been doing it a while, along with Metacafe. Blinkx is now monetizing video for publishers too, but unlike YouTube’s recent offering, ,revenue is only split between Blinkx and the publishers. They’re launching an ad network, “Blinkx AdHoc”, that lets publishers serve contextual ads on… Read More

  • Video Ads: Every Startup Has A Different Solution

    Video Ads: Every Startup Has A Different Solution

    It may seem weird, but I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when I see ads in my viral video. eMarketer expects online video advertising to nearly double in 2008 to $1.3 billion, but no one’s really nailed a scalable ad platform for video. However, Google’s been quietly testing their own system and there are a bunch of other startups tackling it as well. There are a couple key… Read More

  • Hot New Video, Calendar and Map Widgets

    We discovered 3 impressive new widgets today, from Google, Blinkx and 30 Boxes, and we decided to write about all of them in one post. Widgets are the non-developer’s “small pieces loosely joined,” they are the hottest example right now of data portability on the web. They are fun and useful. Everyone’s got a “widget strategy.” There are widget marketplaces (see… Read More

  • Lycos targets video search with Blinkx partnership

    Old school search company Lycos will announce this morning that it’s partnering with video search company Blinkx to power video search on The video search feature is available now. Everybody wants to nail down video search these days, but Blinkx has some interesting technology. This is the second move by Lycos we’ve reported on this month – new giant email rivaling… Read More