• With Amazon Publishing Stonewalled By Retailers, Tim Ferriss Taps BitTorrent To Market His New Book

    With Amazon Publishing Stonewalled By Retailers, Tim Ferriss Taps BitTorrent To Market His New Book

    Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention, and a stalemate between Amazon and big retailers, including Barnes & Noble, over the sale of books from the online giant’s publishing imprint is giving a fillip to BitTorrent — once a hotbed of piracy, and now a straight-laced and legal content distribution network — as a platform for marketing books. Tim Ferriss, one of… Read More

  • BitTorrent Live: Cheap, Real-Time P2P Video Streaming That Will Kill TV

    BitTorrent Live: Cheap, Real-Time P2P Video Streaming That Will Kill TV

    Television is going the way of the dinosaur, and the deadly comet is called BitTorrent Live. Today, Bram Cohen, the author of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer sharing protocol, demoed his latest creation at the SF MusicTech Summit. BitTorrent Live lets any content owner or publisher stream video to millions of people at good quality and with just a few seconds of latency…for free or cheap. Read More

  • Survey: Dutch Artists Say P2P Doesn't Hurt Them Financially

    You may have heard that the Dutch Government now plans to outlaw music and movie (and whatever else) downloading. That seems pretty prosaic: since when was it legal to infringe on someone’s copyright? Isn’t that the whole point of copyright? No matter, for in the lead up to the Dutch announcement’s announcement a survey was taken. “What about the survey?” you may ask. Read More

  • Canadian Anti-Piracy Brigade White Knights For Non-Pirated Band

    The Internet is a cruel, mysterious mistress. What we have here is the story of a Canadian band called One Soul Thrust, a phony baloney (I refused to believe “bologna” is the proper spelling here; that’s not even how you’d pronounce the town name in Italian…) BitTorrent site, a misguided manager, and a lobbying group that apparently does little to no research. The… Read More

  • Australian Horror Film To Be Distributed Via BitTorrent For Free

    The upcoming horror film The Tunnel first gained Internet fame—is there any other kind?—about a year ago when its producers attempted to fund its creation by selling individual frames to fans. The money was secured, the movie was made, and now it’s time to distribute the film. And guess how the producers are going to distribute it? That’s right: with BitTorrent. Oh… Read More

  • Lawsuits Target 6500 People Who Downloaded The Expendables Via BitTorrent

    How embarrassing it must be for the 6500 people who’ve been sued for having illegally downloaded The Expendables. At least get caught downloading with merit, not that silly bit of nonsense. But yes, word on the street is that the same law firm (the “US Copyright Group”) that spearheaded the effort against people who illegally downloaded The Hurt Locker have now been retained… Read More

  • Music Piracy May Be Going Away But It's Not Dead Yet

    A recent study suggests that the music industry has done such a good job pushing people toward legal services (iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, etc.) that online music piracy has all but disappeared. While it’s probably true that the proliferation of legal alternatives has made illegal methods less attractive—why run the risk of contracting malware trying to download the new Sei A album from… Read More

  • Adult Movie Industry Follows RIAA's Footsteps, Sees Lawsuits As New Revenue Source

    It used to be that when you thought of BitTorrent-related lawsuits you’d think of the RIAA, or maybe the MPAA. It may be time to update that line of thinking. TorrentFreak notes that we’re now approaching 100,000 copyright infringement lawsuits filed here in the US of A in the past 12 months alone. The thing is, it turns out that pornography studios are now where the RIAA was… Read More

  • Google Begins Soft Censorship Of Arbitrary Piracy-Related Queries

    The efforts of media companies to quash online piracy are a bit like someone trying to put out a forest fire with a wet noodle. The latest pathetic flail comes in the form of coercing Google into censoring its results for some search terms. A number of words will no longer be autocompleted or trigger an instant search, among them the interesting and perfectly legal “bittorrent.” Read More

  • BitTorrent Hits 100M Active Monthly Users, 400K Client Downloads Per Day

    BitTorrent seems to be growing like a weed – the company just announced that it’s hit 100 million monthly users of its software, the BitTorrent Mainline client and µTorrent. That’s up from 80 million monthly users most recently. The company also revealed that it has over 20 million daily active users, over 400,000 daily client downloads, and uses are checking in to the… Read More

  • What People Searched For On BitTorrent In 2010: Mostly Movies, Porn

    TorrentFreak has released the BitTorrent Zeitgeist 2010, a list of the 100 most searched-for phrases and keywords in 2010 on one of the most popular public BitTorrent indexes, Movies are super popular of course, with “Inception“ topping the overall ranking. Also in the top 10: “Iron Man 2″, “Avatar”, “Despicable Me” and… Read More