• Nokia Photos 1.5 beta released, now with geotagging

    A beta version of Nokia’s mobile media management software, Nokia Photos 1.5, has been released, complete with a visual overhaul and a handful of new features.

    The New Features:
    Picture/Video management support for any S60 device, digital camera, memory stick, or local hard drive Automatically converts and compresses media for playback on your handset for the sake of optimal storage… Read More

  • Congrats to our Newber beta key winners!

    If you entered our drawing for a spot in the Newber beta, check your inbox! All winners have been informed by the e-mail addresses that they provided when filling out the comment form. Didn’t win? Don’t sweat it. We’ll have more opportunities for our readers to get into closed betas in the future, so you’ll have another shot at it before too long. Read More

  • Still trying to get into the Skyfire Beta? Heres the way.

    Even with Skyfire opening the floodgates for about a week back in August and sites around the tubes having given away bags and bags of beta keys, I’m still getting e-mails asking if there are any quick and easy ways to sneak into the beta for this remarkably cool browser. Though we’re not sure how long it’ll work, we’ve got a way. At a mid-CTIA press event, Skyfire… Read More

  • Vudu testing out HD content to rival Blu-ray

    Seems a handful of Beta testers for Vudu have been asked to download content aptly named HDX that’s mean to rival Blu-ray. Apparently the downloads take up to three hours before it starts and I highly doubt anyone will want to stick around for that unless they start them ahead of time and go off to do something else, which is a bit more plausible. We’ll see if this actually makes… Read More

  • How to sign up for the PlayStation Home beta

    Joining the PlayStation Home beta couldn’t be easier, provided you’re in North America or Europe. Those of you in North America, all you have to do is install the just released PlayStation Home theme. Consider that your application to join the beta. Europe has it even easier. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will send out beta invites to the most active users of the… Read More

  • Sony delays Playstation Home, again

    Sorry, PS3 fanboys, but Sony is bending you over, again. This morning Sony announced that they will be extending the closed beta testing for Playstation Home through the summer with open beta testing to commence in the fall. If you recall, Sony was supposed to launch Home this spring. “We understand that we are asking PS3 and prospective PS3 users to wait a bit longer, but we have come… Read More

  • Amazon is $50 worth of sorry for your HD-DVD player purchase

    Those sports at Amazon understand “new technologies don’t always work out as planned.” Or rather, they don’t work out as Toshiba planned. I have a feeling this is how Sony planned it all along. In any case, if you bought one of those bargain HD-DVD players after February 23rd, help yourself to $50 worth of stuff from Amazon. Personally, I’d be buying the Planet… Read More

  • Firefox 3b5 released: No more OS X jfif bug

    Mozilla just released Firefox beta 5, the final beta beforr the browser’s expected June release date. There’s a new “thanks for helping test out Firefox” splash screen (pictued above). That weird Mac OS X jiff bug appears to have been fixed, too. As always, full release notes can be found on the Firefox Web site. Read More

  • Firefox 3: So easy a caveman could do it

    Firefox 3 won’t be out of beta until the end of June but Mozilla told Reuters yesterday that anyone can go ahead and download the most recent version and run it without worrying too much. It’s now stable enough for everyone, not just developers. Read More

  • Internet Explorer 8 Beta download available There’s a beta version of Microsoft’s forthcoming Internet Explorer 8 web browser now available for download over on if you’re interested. Most of the new stuff seems to center around right-click context menus. One such feature is called “Activities” which allows you to right-click on something to look up… Read More

  • Microsoft giving away over $100k in prizes to select beta testers

    [photopress:billgatesmoney.jpg,full,left]You know those scams, mostly from the late 90s, that went around advertising that if this email is forwarded 1000 times, Bill Gates will give everyone in the sender’s list $100,000? Yah, it was bunk, but this isn’t: if you’re a beta tester for Office Live Workspace, Microsoft is going to give you $100,000. Well, not all to one person… Read More