• Benchmark And Accel Partners Reach Across The Atlantic To Fund ResearchGATE

    “So ResearchGATE is Facebook for Scientists?” I asked ex-Facebook exec, current Benchmark Capital general partner and new ResearchGATE investor Matt Cohler. “I bristle at that characterization,” he responded telling me that doesn’t adequately describe the company. Either way he’s invested in the Berlin based startup, along with Accel Partners, Simon… Read More

  • Eying Asia, Kit digital Acquires BenchMark Broadcast Systems

    Online video management software company KIT digital has agreed to acquire privately-held Benchmark Broadcast Systems, based in Singapore, for approximately $10 million. KIT digital’s chairman and CEO, Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, in a statement says they’ve been working on the acquisition for quite some time, and that the deal is testament to the company’s ambition to become leader… Read More

  • Former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos joins Index Ventures as EIR

    Mårten Gustaf Mickos, former CEO of MySQL, has joined Index Ventures as Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR). The news comes four months after the man joined another VC firm, Silicon Valley-based Benchmark Capital, also as EIR. In a statement, Index Ventures says Mickos will focus on seeking out new investment opportunities within the European technology market, helping to identify and… Read More

  • Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz Raises $9 million For New Collaboration Startup, Asana

    Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz is starting a new startup called Asana to solve enterprise collaboration, and he just closed a $9 million series A round from Benchmark Capital and Andreessen-Horowitz. this follows $1.2 million angel round last spring from investors including Ron Conway, Peter Thiel, Mitch Kapor, MySpace CEO Owen van Natta, Sean Parker, and former Facebook Director of… Read More

  • Former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos Joins Benchmark As Entrepreneur In Residence

    Mårten Gustaf Mickos, former CEO of MySQL, is Benchmark Capital‘s newest Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR). Mickos served as chief executive officer for the open source database company from January 2001 to February 2008, when Sun Microsystems acquired MySQL for $1 billion. Benchmark was a relatively early investor in the company; they participated in the $20 million Series B round… Read More

  • Fanbase Launches Wikipedia-Style Directory Of All Things Sports

    Billed as the web’s “largest almanac of pro and college athletes, built entirely by fans”, Fanbase is today launching its directory of all things sports to the world after 18 months of work and a few months of public beta. Backed by $5 million in venture capital from Benchmark, Fanbase’s aim is to mobilize and unite fans around pages of any athlete or sports team at… Read More

  • MacBook performance drops 37 percent without battery installed

    Flickr’d Don’t bother using your MacBook or MacBook Pro without the battery installed unless you’re cool with a huge performance decrease. Gearlog notes that, in the process of doing the thankless task of RAM benchmarks, the MacBook’s performance, as rated using Cinebench, dropped some 37 percent without an installed battery. That is, when plugged into a power… Read More

  • First 150 apps in OSX, now 108 in Vista, and tomorrow? Crysis on Android.

    I think we all knew when this joker decided to run 150 apps at once on his MacBook Pro (actually close to 95, not that that isn’t a lot). A Windows fan has put up a video of Vista running 108 applications at once . Of course, not only has this been done before to similar reception, but it’s really an awful way of measuring anything at all, really. For one thing, it took about… Read More

  • Benchmark: Apple 2.5GHz Penryn MacBook Pro

    [photopress:Picture_8.png,full,pp_image,center] Today in the CrunchGear test labs we’re benchmarking the Penryn-based MacBook Pro. And just for fun we’re also benchmarking the Merom-based MacBook and a Mac Pro. For this test we’re using Primate Labs Geekbench 2. The baseline for this test is 1000, which represents a 1.6GHz Power Mac G5. For all intents and purposes… Read More

  • MacBook Air doesn't run Windows Vista as fast as you'd like it to

    [photopress:MACBOOKVISTA.jpg,full,center] The MacBook Air runs Windows Vista slightly slower than other ultraportable laptops. PC World benchmarked Apple’s tiny laptop and got a score of 61. To put those numbers in perspective, the Lenovo ThinkPad X61 got an 86, which amounts to a 5 percent “actual” speed difference, says PC World. So not only is the Air not the most… Read More