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  • CouchSurfing Raises $7.6 M; Will Users Cry “Sell Out”?

    CouchSurfing Raises $7.6 M; Will Users Cry “Sell Out”?

    CouchSurfing International is one of those rare Web companies– like Mozilla or Craigslist– that has eschewed the normal Silicon Valley values of growth, greed and venture capital. It’s one of those startups that uses the word “community” to mean people that have lasting, real-world connections to one another, not just the new industry jargon for… Read More

  • Series A Whopper: Benchmark Invests $33M in New BI Company Domo

    Series A Whopper: Benchmark Invests $33M in New BI Company Domo

    A new software as a service company Domo is formally launching tonight at a party in Salt Lake City. I have no idea how opulent or bare-bones this party will be, but theoretically the company would have plenty to spend on drinks, T-shirts and canapes. It just raised a massive $33 million series A from Benchmark Capital. Actually, counting the angel investments that were closed earlier but… Read More

  • Benchmark Capital's Stand: We Will Never Do a Seed or Late Stage Fund

    Benchmark Capital's Stand: We Will Never Do a Seed or Late Stage Fund

    Editor’s Note: This is part two in an in-depth series exploring the ramifications of the explosion of late stage capital being raised by the Valley’s elite venture firms. For part one, go here. In the mid-2000s when nearly every top venture capital firm was expanding to India and China, Benchmark Capital did not share its peers’ worldly ambitions. In fact, while the firm… Read More

  • By The Time US Gaming Giants Figure Out Tencent's Playbook It May Be Too Late

    If you blinked you might have missed last Friday’s news that Chinese Web giant Tencent is buying LA-based Riot Games. And that’s just fine by Tencent. Tencent and its founder Pony Ma (seen in a sea of winking penguins to your left) are incredibly press-shy, as everything about the way the deal “leaked” demonstrates. It came late on a Friday before the Superbowl, it… Read More

  • Matt Cohler on Super Angels and Micro VCs

    Matt Cohler: I Hope Silicon Valley Doesn't Become Versailles

    “I hope we’re not entering a world where Silicon Valley becomes Versailles“ That was Matt Cohler speaking today at our TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco. Cohler, a partner at Benchmark Capital (and one of the original employees of Facebook), sat down with our own Mike Arrington to talk about the state of the venture capital industry. Cohler made… Read More

  • Benchmark And Accel Partners Reach Across The Atlantic To Fund ResearchGATE

    “So ResearchGATE is Facebook for Scientists?” I asked ex-Facebook exec, current Benchmark Capital general partner and new ResearchGATE investor Matt Cohler. “I bristle at that characterization,” he responded telling me that doesn’t adequately describe the company. Either way he’s invested in the Berlin based startup, along with Accel Partners, Simon… Read More

  • Benchmark Helps Web Talk Radio Startup Stitcher Turn Up The Volume By $6 Million

    Benchmark Helps Web Talk Radio Startup Stitcher Turn Up The Volume By $6 Million

    Stitcher CEO Noah Shanok wants his company to become the Pandora of Web talk radio, and he just raised a $6 million Series B to help him get there. The round was led by Benchmark Capital, and follows a $2.7 million Series A in 2008. Existing investor New Atlantic Ventures put in more money as well. The company’s apps stream news, talk, and informational podcasts to people’s… Read More

  • Former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos joins Index Ventures as EIR

    Mårten Gustaf Mickos, former CEO of MySQL, has joined Index Ventures as Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR). The news comes four months after the man joined another VC firm, Silicon Valley-based Benchmark Capital, also as EIR. In a statement, Index Ventures says Mickos will focus on seeking out new investment opportunities within the European technology market, helping to identify and… Read More

  • Work Management Software Maker Clarizen Raises $8 Million More

    Clarizen, provider of online work and project management software, has secured $8 million more in a Series C round of venture capital funding led by DAG Ventures, Benchmark Capital and Carmel Ventures. The total amount of venture capital invested in the company, which was founded in 2005, now totals $24 million. The company provides collaborative project management software that allows… Read More

  • TechCrunch Dealmaker Rankings: The Top 25 Most Active VCs In The Third Quarter

    In the third quarter of 2009, we saw a slight rebound in venture funding from earlier in the year. But which venture capital firms were the most active in the quarter? One of my favorite new tables in our latest TechCrunch Trends report, which is based on company data we collect in CrunchBase, is the ranking of the most active venture capital firms. We’ve reproduced that ranking below… Read More