• Belkin Folio Case Adds A Keyboard To Your iPad

    Belkin Folio Case Adds A Keyboard To Your iPad

    Belkin has just announced the availability of their $99 iPad “Folio” case that includes a battery-powered Bluetooth keyboard that would, in theory, turn your iPad 2 into a full-bore mini-computer. While I, personally, have never been able to use a keyboard/tablet combo with any exuberance, I suspect that this kit, complete with 60-hour battery and a full iPad stand – might… Read More

  • Belkin Conserve lets you know if you left the refrigerator running, tells you to go catch it

    We all know something needs to happen to deal with the future of energy. Simple things such as leaving home electronics on contribute to more than 100 billion kilowatt hours of electricity wasted. While it can be easy to forget that a device is on or that it is even drawing electricity, Belkin is saying it’s important and is offering up a few products that will make sure to help. Read More

  • Video Review: Belkin Play Max Wireless-N Router

    Setting up a router should be the easiest part of your day. There is no reason the average person needs to think about SSIDs, WPA, and pre-shared keys. Thankfully, folks like Belkin are looking out for us morons. Their new line of routers feature four step set-up as well as a little card containing everything you need to know about your router on one card. You plug it into the cable modem or… Read More

  • Belkin seems to understand normal people, releases aptly named wireless routers

    Consumers are dumb. Don’t deny it. We are. Belkin apparently relized that and instead of opting for the standard router naming scheme which would be something like 802.11 WiFi MAX with Double Speed Pipe Router, the company took a simpler approach. Its new router’s names are simply their capabilities: Surf, Share, Play, and Play Max. Nice and easy, although my mother-in-law… Read More

  • Belkin launches pricey USB 3.0 products

    In an age when standard USB 2.0 cables can be purchased for next to nothing, the $40 price tag on Belkin’s 4-foot USB 3.0 cable ought to be enough to keep most of us out of the early adopter demographic for a while. Read More

  • Belkin outs new Laptop Cooling Pad

    Hey there, Hot Thighs. Got an uncomfortably warm laptop there, Hot Thighs? Listen, Hot Thighs, I saw that Belkin’s coming out with a new Laptop Cooling Pad and I thought of you. I was like, “Who’s the perfect candidate for a laptop cooler? Oh, doi. Hot Thighs.” Read More

  • Belkin’s latest FM transmitter uses GPS and user feedback to find best channel

    The “TuneCast Auto Live” FM transmitter from Belkin costs $80. That’s a lot of coin for an FM transmitter. It works with most iPhone and iPod devices, but you get extra features if you use it with your iPhone – most notably, there’s a free app that uses GPS and a ratings system populated by other TuneCast/iPhone users to find the clearest FM channels in your area. Read More

  • The Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver sends your iPhone's music to speakers and such

    Looking at this Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver, I’m over here thinking, “Man, 99 percent of the stuff we write about is useless unless you’re in the market for that type of item.” That’s not a knock against the Bluetooth thing here, but if you’re not looking for one right now? Not all that exciting, no. Read More

  • Belkin recalls surge protectors over fire concerns

    Oh noes! I have like five or six of these recalled surge protectors around my house. Plus I sold countless numbers of them over the pricy Monster Cable models during my days at Circuit City. Maybe I was somewhat responsible for one of the fires that spurred the recall…oh no… Read More

  • Belkin issues a voluntary recall of some TuneBase models

    Quick note: If you purchased a Belkin TuneBase iPod dock after April 1, 2009, click here to see if your model has a thing for starting fires. You probably don’t want that feature. Read More