• Review: Dexim P-Flip Foldable Power Dock

    Short Version: Equal parts backup battery and iPhone dock, Dexim’s $55 P-Flip Foldable Power Dock serves as a nice daily desk accessory and then easily pulls double duty as a portable travelling companion. Read More

  • Review: Energizer Flat Panel 2X Charging System for Wii

    Available starting today, the $30 Energizer Flat Panel 2X Charging System from Performance Designed Products is an inexpensive, quick, and cool way to juice up your Wii remotes. Read More

  • PowerPak wall charger doubles as portable backup battery

    Here’s an interesting idea: what if the part of the cell phone charger that you plug into the wall doubled as a rechargeable extended battery pack? That’s actually coming in November with the $50 PowerPak from Technocel. Read More

  • Gigantic iPhone charger packs 3000mAh battery

    Whoever manipulated the above image to make this humongous iPhone battery pack look relatively manageable ought to be given a raise. Conversely, whoever wrote “It is not bulky either as it just extends a little at the bottom” in the product description ought to immediately undergo a workplace evaluation. If it happens to be the same person who handled both the photo and the… Read More

  • Emergency iPhone charger measures just 1cm thick

    This thing’s slim, I tell you. Slim. At just one centimeter thick, the “Ultra Slim (Card Type) Emergency Charger for iPod / iPhone” over at USB Fever might find its way into a few pockets when it’s released on August 23rd. Read More

  • Man hacks USB charging port into netbook battery

    Wow, this is impressive. An enterprising young man from a faraway land (the Czech Republic!) took an ordinary battery from an MSI Wind netbook and added a USB charging port to it. He can charge his iPhone twice over and the battery still works like normal in his MSI Wind. They should add USB charging ports to all batteries! Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 100 AA or AAA batteries for $10 + $6 s&h

    There isn’t a single reason why you shouldn’t spend a total of $16 for 100 AA batteries. Who cares if these Kodak Ener G Alkaline aren’t as good as Energizer or Duracell batteries? It’s only $16! For 100 AA batteries! Or AAA batteries! Wowzer! (the AA batteries are on backorder, sorry) via dealnews Read More

  • Seidio's normal-size extended Palm Pre battery adds about 20% juice

    If you find yourself wishing your Palm Pre had a tad more battery life, Seidio is now selling an extended life battery for $45. It’s the same size as the regular battery pack so it doesn’t require a special back cover for you to use it. Read More

  • Printed batteries to be rolling out before year's end

    Some German researchers have conjured up a kind of battery that’s less than a millimeter thin and is made by the reactive layers onto each other like a silk screen. But the most surprising bit is that they’re planning on making them on a commercial scale within six months. Usually we hear about this stuff and then it disappears for a couple years. Not this time, hopefully. Read More

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