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    StoreDot Charges Up With $42M For Its Fast-Charging Bio-Organic Batteries

    StoreDot Charges Up With $42M For Its Fast-Charging Bio-Organic Batteries

    Israeli startup StoreDot, which is developing quantum dot-utilizing fast-charging smartphone battery technology, among other things, has closed a $42 million Series B funding round. It pitches its bio-organic nano-crystal technology as an enabler for faster charging batteries and also a cheaper and non-toxic alternative to cadmium in screens. Read More

  • This Algae Battery Could Power A Tesla With 200X The Charge

    This Algae Battery Could Power A Tesla With 200X The Charge

    In a small lab, near a lake at the edge of West Berkeley, sits the prototype of what could revolutionize battery power as we know it. The secret to this power? Algae. OK, just hang with me here. Lots of research has already been done on algae’s possible power capabilities. Prototype creator Adam Freeman says this new kind of battery, the one he’s working on, could power even a Tesla. Read More

  • Researchers Build New Batteries That Charge Instantly And Hold Hours Of Juice

    Researchers Build New Batteries That Charge Instantly And Hold Hours Of Juice

    A group of researchers at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created microbatteries that charge 1,000 times faster than normal batteries and can, feasibly, “jump-start a car” while powering a cellphone. The group, led by William King, is working on shrinking the batteries down to fit inside a “credit-card thin” device. Read More

  • Apple Reportedly Changes Battery Suppliers As Samsung Walks

    Apple Reportedly Changes Battery Suppliers As Samsung Walks

    Apple has reportedly changed its battery suppliers for the iPad and MacBook lines to Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery, both Chinese firms, after Samsung SDI (Samsung’s battery-producing subsidiary) stopped supplying Apple, the China Business News reports. If accurate, this would be just the latest in a series of rifts between the two companies. Read More

  • Flexible Batteries Promise Thinner And Lighter “Foldable” Electronics

    Professor Keon Jae Lee at the Korean Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology created a solid-state flexible battery that retains is energy level when folded, spindled, and or mildly mutilated. The battery could mean future ereaders and tablets could be paper thin and partially foldable, ushering in interesting new device designs. Read More

  • Panasonic’s EVOLTA Mini Robot Finishes Hawaii Ironman Triathlon

    Panasonic’s EVOLTA Mini Robot Finishes Hawaii Ironman Triathlon

    He hoisted himself up a 500 meter-cliff at Grand Canyon, did his magic on the Le Mans 24 circuit in France, and traveled 500KM from Tokyo to Kyoto last year And now, he completed the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, too. We covered Panasonic’s plan to let its EVOLTA battery-powered mini robot start at the 230km race back in September, and now the company announced the little guy finished it… Read More

  • monolith: iPhone 4 Case + Pocket Projector +Battery Rolled Into One

    monolith: iPhone 4 Case + Pocket Projector +Battery Rolled Into One

    A Japanese accessory maker called Century started selling the “monolith” [JP] today, a case for the iPhone 4, a 1,900mAh battery, and a mini projector rolled into one (it’s still unclear if the device works with the iPhone 4S as well). The monolith is sized at 63.5×126.6×22mm and weighs 97g. Century says that users can expect images sized at up to 60cm (in 16:9 format)… Read More

  • GM and LG Team Up on Electric Vehicles

    GM and LG Team Up on Electric Vehicles

    Auto maker General Motors and LG Group will be working together to design and engineer electric vehicles thanks to a new partnership that expands on LG’s earlier work for GM in lithium-ion batteries.  Previously, LG delivered batteries for the Chevrolet Volt, the Opel Ampera, and later for a demo fleet of Chevrolet Cruze electric vehicles. According to the companies, their goal is to… Read More

  • ESSP-2000: Sony’s New Storage Battery Holds 2.4kWh, Lasts 10 Years

    ESSP-2000: Sony’s New Storage Battery Holds 2.4kWh, Lasts 10 Years

    Sony Japan announced [JP] the ESSP-2000, a storage battery for professional use that serves as a backup power supply unit in the case of emergencies and blackouts. The lithium ion battery stores 2.4kwh, can be charged to 95% in about 2 hours (using conventional power plugs), and it boasts an impressive life span of over 10 years, according to Sony. Read More

  • Sony Plans To Make Batteries For Electric Vehicles

    Sony Plans To Make Batteries For Electric Vehicles

    There is probably no one left doubting that electric vehicles will be a huge market in the future, and now it seems that Sony is agreeing, too. The company yesterday announced it will start making lithium-ion batteries specifically for electric cars and hybrids “from the middle of this decade”. Read More

  • NEC Develops Next-Gen Household Power Storage System

    NEC is ready to use some of the expertise it gained by developing lithium-ion batteries for Nissan’s electric vehicles in recent years for home use: according to a report in Japanese business daily The Nikkei that was published today, that new 6kwh household power storage system will only cost around $12,300 – which is about 50% cheaper than comparable systems on sale today. Read More

  • "The Best Chance To Beat Gasoline:" An Excerpt From Seth Fletcher's Bottled Lightning

    Lithium: it’s everywhere and we know nothing about it. It powers our phones, our computers, and our cars and the control and use of lithium will, in part, define how we handle the coming petroleum crisis. That’s why Seth Fletcher’s Bottled Lightning is so fascinating. The book explores lithium from its earliest beginnings to its use in almost everything that we use today. Read More

  • Report: Japanese Company Develops Cheap, Powerful Home And Car Battery

    Looks like we’re getting better, cheaper batteries soon: Sumitomo Electric Industries succeeded in developing a molten-salt battery that’s supposedly 90% cheaper to produce than lithium-ion batteries. The company claims that even though molten-salt batteries are nothing new, the sodium material in their prototype starts melting at 57C to keep the electrolyte in a liquid state (and… Read More

  • Sanyo Shipped 150 Million Eneloop Batteries

    Sanyo today announced it has sold 150 million eneloop-branded batteries at the end of December 2010. The company introduced its “green” sub-brand in 2005, and the eneloop product line-up was one of the main reasons Panasonic acquired Sanyo as a whole in December 2009 for $4.6 billion. Read More

  • Tame Viruses May Help Increase Battery Capacity

    This is rather a creepy line of research. The tobacco mosaic virus, which normally preys on tobacco crops, has been modified in such a way that it is essentially being used as a tiny helper, and millions of them can line up and bind themselves to the walls of battery cells, increasing the surface area and consequently the potential charge. Read More

  • For Guitarists: Sanyo's Pedal Juice Battery Pack

    Sanyo keeps on adding products to its eneloop brand of eco-friendly, rechargeable batteries. Today the company announced the so-called KBC-9V3U Pedal Juice for the US and other markets, a 9V lithium-ion battery unit designed for charging multiple guitar effects pedals at the same time (it features two 9V outputs and can power multi-effect units and portable recorders, too). Read More

  • Panasonic's EVOLTA Mini Robot Finishes 500KM Journey From Tokyo To Kyoto

    Back in September, Panasonic announced an unusual publicity stunt: let a cute mini robot walk from Tokyo to Kyoto – powered solely by the company’s rechargeable EVOLTA batteries. The 1kg robot started the journey on September 23 in Tokyo, and today, Panasonic proudly announced the robot has arrived safely in Kyoto. Read More

  • Sanyo Celebrates eneloop's 5th Anniversary With Glitter Batteries

    Can you imagine Sanyo without eneloop? Sanyo’s “green” sub brand is now 5 years old, and to commemorate the anniversary, Sanyo plans to roll out special batteries. They even issued an English press release to announce the so-called “eneloop tones glitter” battery pack. Read More

  • Mini Robot Powered By Panasonic EVOLTA Batteries To Travel 500KM

    Panasonic has apparently enjoyed quite a bit of success with its previous, rather unusual promotion campaigns for its EVOLTA batteries. In 2008, we blogged an EVOLTA-powered mini robot that climbed up a 500 meter high cliff at Grand Canyon. Then, in 2009, we’ve shown you how such a robot ran 24km on the famous Le Mans 24 Hours circuit in France (on 2 AA batteries). Read More

  • Following Fire Incidents, Apple Japan Replaces 5,000 iPod Batteries In 3 Weeks

    The never ending story between Apple Japan and the local government may have finally come to an end. Following months of disputes whether overheating first generation iPod nanos pose a security risk (some iPods caused fire) or not, Apple last month announced it will put up a special warning message on its Japanese company site and offer to replace batteries in all models affected for free. Read More

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