• Yunait launches as a social network for bargains

    [Spain] In Spain we’re struggling to recover from the recession. We’re behind our European neighbors and our unemployment rate is now 18%. A recovery is apparently coming, but in the meantime, people shuffle along, cashing unemployment checks, desperately looking for work and figuring out how to save here and there. A number of initiatives are mushrooming to help us do this. Read More

  • Tech bargains may be going the way of jobs, housing, food

    Tech bargains may be going the way of jobs, housing, food

    The NPD Group is reporting that consumer electronics sales will fall .6% while prices of gadgets to go up in reaction to the Great Depression II. Read More

  • DVD Media Quality Assurance 101

    DVD Media Quality Assurance 101

    If you’ve ever stood on the blank media aisle at Best Buy, wondering whether those expensive name brand DVD-Rs or are really better than the cheap ass ghetto nondescript blanks, then you’re probably not aware that most of blanks are actually made by a small group of manufacturers and rebranded by the big boys. Yea that was a long sentence. Anyway, digitalFAQ has compiled an… Read More