• Uber's Terrible No Good Very Bad Week And Barbie Apologizes

    Crunchweek: Uber, Uber, Uber And Barbie

    Here’s a protip: Don’t do what Uber did this week. That’s the main topic of CrunchWeek this time around. Bad behavior, however, wasn’t just Uber’s purview: The corporate entity behind Barbie was exposed for publishing a wantonly sexist tract that undercut the idea that women can be software engineers. So that wasn’t very good. Happily, TechCrunch’s… Read More

  • Computer Engineer Barbie Loves Tux!

    Blogger Elizabeth Krumbach got her new Computer Engineer Barbie the other day. She was delighted to find a penguin on the box. Barbie loves Linux! I’ll bet that’s a picture of Linus Torvalds, and not boring old Ken, on Barbie’s cubicle, too! Read More

  • From The Video Vault: Barbie Video Girl

    With holiday shopping season now in full swing, it is time to revisit one of the strangest toys to come out this year. Yes, I am talking about the Barbie Video Girl. Or, as I like to call it, Surveillance Barbie. It is a Barbie doll with a video camera embedded into her chest, a USB port in her back, and batteries in her legs. When Mattel released this $50 Barbie last July, it sparked… Read More

  • Talking about the Barbie Video Girl Doll with Paul Carr (another doll)

    Make no mistake, we get some weird stuff sent to TCHQ, especially when it’s addressed to our Belgian reporter, Robin Wauters. Which is why I always make a point of opening his mail before it’s sent on. Today, though, was a special day. Today, wrapped innocently in tissue paper, came “Barbie Video Girl”: a genuine Barbie doll, featuring a hidden webcam in her neck. Read More

  • Vote for the Computer Engineer Barbie

    I can’t come up with a good reason why Computer Engineer Barbie is more socially-forward than Environmentalist Barbie, Surgeon Barbie, Architect Barbie, or News Anchor Barbie. It probably has something to do with a fantasy I share with nearly every other computer nerd. Whatever. Vote here to help further the Computer Engineer Barbie movement. You know you wanna. Read More

  • Testing out the Barbie Digital Nail Printer

    Here’s Mattel’s “Barbie Digital Nail Printer” due out in August for an undetermined price. Which design will I choose for my own nail? Find out after the jump… Read More

  • Halo Wars: Impress the Royal Court with your dance moves

    Halo Wars will have a different approach on gameplay, according to Amazon. For example, 28 fun-filled, adventurous mini-games. Read More

  • ‘Barbie Girls’ site finally adds a V.I.P option

    Geez, it’s about time. Mattel has finally added a $6-per-month premium account option for the Barbie Girls web site. GigaOM wonders if $72 per year is worth it for parents “so their little girls can enjoy playing with Barbies that don’t in the strictest sense, exist?” I don’t know about parents, but I make my own money and can spend it on whatever I want. So I… Read More

  • Kids Spend Their Time Online Dressing Up Virtual Dolls – Shouldn't They Be Outside Playing Instead?

    There’s a fine article in today’s New York Times exploring the relationship between online, Facebook-like Web sites and the young girls these sites target. It’s stunning, really, to read that these youngsters (the profiled girl here is 9) prefer to engage in virtual worlds wherein they dress up dolls, do each other’s hair and gossip—granted, excellent training for… Read More