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    OK Go’s Latest Video Lets You Force Band Members To Do Your Evil Bidding

    OK Go’s Latest Video Lets You Force Band Members To Do Your Evil Bidding

    If you’re running Chrome and you like Prince-inflected super-pop with a knob-twister aesthetic, then you’re in luck. The band OK Go teamed up with dance company Pilobolus to create a very unique video for their song “All Is Not Lost.” The video itself is pretty simple – you’ve got a bunch of people running around in spandex on a clear floor so you can… Read More

  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith to feature drums and vocals?

    If only there were a game like Guitar Hero where you could also play drums and sing instead of just playing the guitar parts. They could call it something like oh, I don’t know, Band of Rockers or Rock Guys Rocking Together or Making the Band or Hey, Come Over After School And We’ll Jam In My Basement With The New Gibson Epiphone My Dad Bought Me After I Found Out He’s… Read More

  • Surprise! Guitar Hero: Aerosmith coming this summer

    Oh man, I gotta show this to my Uncle Archie. He LOVES Aerosmith. He should pick up Guitar Hero: Aerosmith this summer. It’ll have 30 or so Aerosmith tunes (and songs from other bands that have opened for Aerosmith?!) This is very interesting indeed. Let’s say the Guitar Hero franchise starts putting out band-specific titles. We could see tens or even hundreds of Guitar Hero… Read More

  • Van Halen, Dave Matthews Band now in ringtone form

    Here’s a tip for bands that don’t make new music any more. If you’re offered to sell your songs as ringtones, do it. It’s one of the last places that most people are still actively (and even happily) overpaying for music. Dave Matthews Band has been crapping out live albums left and right but hasn’t released a new album in over two years and they’re… Read More

  • Take to the skies with Dream Theater

    They look like a surly bunch. I like what the Xbox team is doing with Game With Fame. It’s fun to play against celebs and see how their mettle holds up. A couple months ago it was Jimmy Eat World getting teabagged by 12-year olds in Halo 3 and now the lads from Dream Theater (I don’t know who they are, either) will take to the skies in an attempt to mow you down in Crimson Skies… Read More

  • A Friend Of The Devil Is A Friend Of Sirius

    Sirius will be adding a new station to its lineup consisting of only Grateful Dead tracks. Set to debut this summer, the station will feature classic tracks, new tunes, unreleased recordings, special shows hosted by members of the band, bootlegs, and of course, live sets. This is not the first time Sirius has given a band its own station. Elvis has his own station and so does Howard Stern. Read More