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  • Is This Flying Car Company For Real?

    Is This Flying Car Company For Real?

    We’ve been promised a flying car for as long as I can remember. From The Jetsons to Back To The Future, we’ve been sold this dream for years and years. Owning something that starts out on the ground and ends up flying through the air is something I want to experience before I kick the bucket. Read More

  • Why Are All These Celebrities Participating In An Epic Fake Hoverboard Troll?

    Why Are All These Celebrities Participating In An Epic Fake Hoverboard Troll?

    If you’re looking for a well-crafted but ultimately very fake video about hoverboard technology featuring Moby, Terrell Owens, Tony Hawk and Dr. Emmett Brown himself, today is your lucky day. The video above is exactly what I’ve described, featuring a weird cast of cameos and what appears to be a fake tech team powering everything, plus a soundtrack with Chromeo and Best Coast. Read More

  • Must Watch: The Back To The Future Video Game Debut Trailer Video Games | Back to the Future | Exclusive Debut Trailer HD XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii Just watch and be amazed that the kid doing the voice work for Marty McFly isn’t Michael J. Fox, but rather some kid named. A. J. Locascio. Oh, and yeah, the game will either be a hit or a miss. Probably a miss. Read More

  • CG Satellite Radio Award-winning ‘Secret Show to the Future’ re-airs tomorrow night on Sirius XM

    Did Santa Claus give you a Sirius XM Radio yesterday? Boy are you in for a treat if he did, since “Secret Show to the Future” will be re-airing tomorrow night (Saturday, 12/27) at 9pm on XM channel 202 and Sirius channel 197. Read More

  • Satellite radio in 2008: What a year!

    As the only satellite radio fan here at CrunchGear, I feel it’s my duty to review the year that was and point out some of the events that made the medium such a joy. This isn’t a typical “Top 10 Movies” snoozefest, but rather an illustration of what makes satellite radio inherently superior to regular, terrestrial radio (provided you don’t mind a nominal… Read More

  • Electric Delorean on eBay, possible Flux Capacitor too

    So you could bid on this converted-to-electric Delorean like everyone else or you could use the Buy-It-Now option, which will get you – wait for it – a free Flux Capacitor. The current bidding is at around $16,000 and the Buy-It-Now price is set at $100,000. Keep in mind, though, that the Flux Capacitor allows you to time travel. The car itself is powered by 13 batteries running… Read More

  • Marty McFly's actual hoverboard being eBayed, $30K reserve

    Oh, Back to the Future. It was because of you that during the run-up to the revealing of the Segway, I thought it was going to be a hoverboard. It was because of you that I was so bitterly disappointed. But your uppance has come! Your most precious wooden prop will be mine — for the paltry cost of only $30,000. No, it doesn’t hover, but it’s in excellent condition. I… Read More