• Evoz Debuts A “Connected” Monitor Offering Baby Data Tracking, Cry Alerts And More

    Evoz Debuts A “Connected” Monitor Offering Baby Data Tracking, Cry Alerts And More

    Evoz, the company behind some of the earliest smartphone-connected baby monitoring systems, is out now with a new product, the Evoz Parenting Monitor, that goes beyond simply capturing video and sharing it to your phone or tablet. Instead, this new monitor is more of a toolbox for parents, the company says, offering the ability to play music, function as a nightlight, record audio, photos… Read More

  • Target Launches Its First Subscription-Based E-Commerce Service, Focus For Now Is Baby-Care Items

    Target Launches Its First Subscription-Based E-Commerce Service, Focus For Now Is Baby-Care Items

    As Amazon’s online business continues to cut into traditional retailers’ revenues, Target today makes a move to fight back. The Minneapolis-headquartered retailer has just launched a pilot program for subscription-based commerce, called simply Target Subscriptions. Initially, the service is focused on new parents, with various products related to baby-care, including diapers… Read More

  • 4moms Raises $20 Million For Its Gadgetized Baby Gear

    4moms Raises $20 Million For Its Gadgetized Baby Gear

    4moms, the small Pittsburgh-based company that’s re-imagining the baby products industry by incorporating robotics, electronics, and innovative engineering into things like strollers, infant seats and playpens, has raised $20 million from Bain Capital Ventures. The firm’s sister fund Bain Capital also has investments in Toys R’ Us (Babies R’ Us) and Gymboree, so… Read More

  • Review: Onaroo Personal Baby Assistant

    Short Version: Tracking your baby’s daily activities can be a time consuming process, but it yields some interesting and useful data to help you better understand everything that’s going on with your little one. The Onaroo Personal Baby Assistant is a stand-alone gadget to help you record the things your baby does: when and how much she eats, when and how long she naps, and what… Read More

  • Prism Color Video monitor, for all your infant surveillance needs

    Is your little one stealing the silver? Running a meth lab in the basement? Sleeping fitfully? Now you can find out just what the matter is with the high tech Prism Color Video monitor. While this may not be cool to some people, to a parent used to a wonky little monitor squawking on the bedside at three in the morning, a nice 2.4GHz remote monitor with color screen is a godsend. Read More

  • Zelda-fy your baby with this handmade Link outfit

    If you’re on the fence about having a baby, consider the fact that you can dress it up however you please. Case in point, this very excellent handmade Link outfit that a user over at the Crafster forums whipped up. Read More

  • YouTube helps man deliver baby

    Well, it finally happened: someone used YouTube to help deliver a baby. Yup, a man in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Cornwall, to be exact) used to video-sharing site to help deliver his wife’s fourth child, a boy named Gabriel. (A nice, biblical name!) Yes, this is a crazy world we live in. Read More

  • Lessons in parenting: Here's a baby pillow with a built-in MP3 player

    Since being a lousy parent seems to be all the rage these days, here’s another weapon for your doing-the-bare-minimum arsenal. It’s a baby pillow—see how it contours to your child’s neck—that has a built-in MP3 player and speaker. Presumably you’d put your baby on the pillow (well, it’s merely a render, so you won’t be doing any of this, as a… Read More

  • New Britax Advocate car seat will come with built-in airbags

    Generally, we’re not into childcare gadgets here. It’s not that kids are cool — my kid is amazing — it’s just that there generally isn’t anything innovative or crunchy about ’em. Then Britax announces that its next high-end car seat is going to have side-deploying air bags and it throws our world up in a tussle. What else sweet gear have we missed… Read More

  • Couple meets because of Xbox Live, later has baby

    [photopress:xblbaby.jpg,full,center] You’re looking at the first baby conceived because of Xbox Live. The baby girl’s parents met while playing Rainbow Six Lockdown, the daddy in the Bronx and the mommy in Georgia. The story is that the two would-be parents didn’t initially see eye to eye—you sunk my battleship! or somesuch—but then decided to meet each other in… Read More

  • Wireless Color Baby Monitor with Infrared Lets You Watch Your Baby, Paris Hilton, in the Dark

    Not only does this baby monitor have sound and video – thanks to its camera and 1.5-inch color LCD – you can also switch it to infrared mode and watch your baby when the lights are off. The monitor works on the 2.4GHz frequency, or what we like to call the rush hour frequency, where WiFi, Bluetooth and various other devices are fighting for dominance. It’s powered via AC… Read More